News that "Last Man Standing" was canceled caused one woman to have a meltdown and lose her job. Her tantrum was in the form of a spiteful Facebook rant that attacked homosexuals and the tolerance for Hollywood liberalism. Like most fans, Debbie Odom Massey believed that the popular ABC comedy starring Tim Allen was axed due to the actor's support of Donald Trump and comparing Hollywood to 1930s Germany while on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last month. Allen is a Republican and is much like the character he played on the show, Mike Baxter.

Woman accuses ABC of 'discrimination' over its decision to axe show

Massey, who worked as the executive director of the Madison-Rivergate Chamber of Commerce in Madison, Tennessee, wrote a scathing post to ABC for cancelling "Last Man Standing." She ranted that the network's decision was a product of “discrimination” and violated free speech.

The frustrated fan lashed out over the cancellation -- accusing ABC of catering to the 2 percent of viewers who are LGBT. Massey fumed that now she has to watch TV shows like "Grey's Anatomy" or any other shows that "promote" non-traditional values. Massey was asked to resign from her job this week, its being reported.

Several in the community were quick to denounce Massey's post, including Nashville Mayor Meghan Barry and the chamber's past president.

They insist that Massey's rant about the cancellation of "Last Man Standing" doesn't reflect their values. In fact, the Madison-Rivergate Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors plan to review a new social media policy at the next scheduled meeting.

ABC denies rumors over motive for cancelling show

As for why the show was axed, ABC executives deny it had anything to do with Tim Allen or conservatism.

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dugney said cancelling "Last Man Standing" was part of a broad effort to remove comedies on Friday nights. Other shows canceled were "Dr. Ken," "The Real O'Neals," "The Catch," and "American Crime."

Fans are outraged and thousands are signing a petition. By Wednesday afternoon had received 245,000 signatures on a petition calling for fans to boycott ABC until the show is renewed.

Tim Allen did finally break his silence on Tuesday about the show being cut from ABC's programming. He took to Twitter and revealed that he was both "shocked" and "blindsided" over the decision. He said he'll miss working at the place he's called home for the last six years.

High ratings didn't safeguard the show

"Last Man Standing" was one of the highest rated shows for ABC, bringing in over 8 million viewers each week. Despite the show's raging success, it was abruptly cancelled by the network. Now the studio is facing a lot of scrutiny from fans demanding answers.