Uh oh, "Doctor Who" fans. It's looking real bad, as the entire world could potentially be exposed to a very deadly, ancient book in this upcoming episode 6 of season 10. We're also going to see the Vatican appeal to the Doctor at some point and be in danger of reading this crazy book -- according to spoilers from BBC ONE's recent press release by way of Spoiler TV.


In their press release, they also gave away the title of this latest installment. It turns out that the choice was made to go with the name: "Extremis." I guess that sounds about right, given the nature of how extreme this storyline actually is.

Here's what they're telling us will go down. The scene is going to be set in the Haerecticum, which they explain is the Vatican’s secret library of blasphemy. In that library is an ancient book that's featured: The Veritas.

Apparently, anyone who as ever dared to read it has immediately decided to kill themselves shortly thereafter. Why is this book causing people to off themselves? That's the obvious, big question for this pretty wild storyline.

New translation

The book itself is going to get a new translation that will appear on the world wide web, causing it to possibly endanger the masses. What will the Doctor and company do about this? Will they do anything at all?

Appeal to the Doctor

The Vatican will appeal to the Doctor at some point, and it might be possible that we'll see the Doctor read this deadly book, causing even his survival to be in jeopardy!

Personally, I feel like we'll see the Doctor make it out of this crazy situation, given that he's the main star and all. What will be interesting, though, is to see how he makes it out.

The cast list, reveals that we'll be seeing Bill and Nardole in this one as well, along with a guest character named Missy. Missy is played by actress Michelle Gomez. The episode was written by Steven Moffat, with Daniel Nettheim directing.

The episode is set to air next Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 7pm on BBC ONE. Stay tuned.