The epic love story of Romeo And Juliet is considered to be one of the most popular love stories in the world, with several versions translated into different languages. It was a story that pierced through the hearts of its readers, with its classic "us against the world" theme. The fate of Romeo and Juliet ended up in tragedy but nothing was really known what happened after their unfortunate deaths. Did the Capulets and Montagues sort out their differences? Did the tragedy unite the family rivals and elicit an air of remorse from both sides? Or did the rivalry continue, passing on "Still Star-Crossed" from one generation to another?

That is what Shonda Rhimes' newest series, "Still Star-Crossed," is all about. According to reports, a classic story will be given a new twist as it is added to the long, impressive lists of series in what's commonly called as Shonda-land.

Inspired by the novel of Melinda Taub

"Still Star-Crossed" was originally a novel written by Melinda Taub. Basing on the general theme of the novel, the Montagues and the Capulets are still getting on each others' nerves, debunking the theory that the death of Romeo and Juliet might have united the families involved. Speaking of Romeo and Juliet, it appears that another couple has followed their footsteps, venturing into the dangerous world of forbidden romance.

Once again, the classic story of forbidden love is explored in the same time and era where the death of Romeo and Juliet transpired. According to reports, the production crew of "Still Star-Crossed" have been working hard to recreate and achieve the atmosphere and setting as it was in the novel.

A series full of diversity

Aside from the interesting plot of "Still Star-Crossed," another thing worthy to take note of is the rich diversity of the cast of characters.

This is considered to be a breath of fresh air in the TV series industry since most of the series are quite homogenous when it comes to its character choices.

According to reports, the executive producers of "Still Star-Crossed," Shonda Rhimes and Heather Mitchell, chose the cast of characters "color-blind" - meaning, they did not consider the race and color of the character, which resulted in the rich and diverse cast of characters.

One of the actresses of "Still Star-Crossed," Medalion Rahimi, has expressed her appreciation of the said diversity. She also admitted that there were times when she put herself in the place of the viewers and actually felt the desire to see more diversity in a lot of TV series. Catch the season premiere on May 29, 10 p.m. EST on ABC.