Hey, "Doctor Who" peeps. We've got some serious war activities that are about to go down in episode 7 of this current season. We're also going to see the appearance of a very old pyramid that has a very strange mystery surrounding it. If that weren't enough, some crazy aliens are going to get thrown into the mix as well. We have BBC ONE's latest episode press release by way of Spoiler TV to thank for these very intriguing spoiler teasers.

Five thousand year old pyramid

We've also learned that they gave this one a pretty long title too. The producers decided to name it: "The Pyramid At The End Of The World." They began their description by letting us know that we're going to see a five thousand year old pyramid at some point and it's going to be right in the center of a war zone!

Mad war-zone

In this mad war-zone, we're going to see a huge battle about to happen between the massive armies of China, Russia and America. Will this insane battle really take place? Or will it get halted somehow? Those are some very huge questions for this storyline. It certainly looks like we'll have to wait around for this thing to air to find out that important intel. Whatever the case, this storyline should offer up some very dramatic scenes for us to look forward to.

Next, they tell us that in the midst off all this, the doctor is going to be more concerned with the fact that this very ancient pyramid wasn't in this location just yesterday. What will the Doctor do about this? What does this mean?

Those are the burning question for this situation. It's possible that we might catch a glimpse of these issues in the new preview clip that we expect BBC ONE to release after episode 6 airs later on tonight. You'll definitely want to keep an eye out for that.

In the thick of things

Lastly, they revealed to us that the storyline will also include a major alien invasion at some point.

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The Doctor, Bill and Nardole will be right in the thick of things. However, they tell us that before the alien conquest can move forward, they will need the human race to give their consent, so that sounds pretty weird.

Why would the human race ever consent to being invaded by aliens? Will the aliens attack anyway? There's no doubt that we'll want to see these questions get answered as quickly as possible.

It sounds like this episode is going to be filled with all kinds of intense problems for the Tardis crew. Hopefully they'll all make it out alive.

This episode was written by the writing team of Peter Harness and Steven Moffat, with Daniel Nettheim listed as the director. We can also confirm that episode 7 is due to hit the airwaves next Saturday night, May 27th, 2017 at 7pm on BBC ONE. Stay tuned.