Actress Kate Mansi who formerly played the fan favorite character of Abigail Deveraux was spotted back on the set of the NBC soap this week. Mansi, who left "DOOL" last year, had fans reeling at the sad news of her departure. However, Kate was obviously welcomed back to set with open arms as she joined some of her former cast members for a social media chat this week.

Mansi even snapped a photo of herself in the DiMera mansion living room, giving fans all the feels as she reminded them of Abigail's past. While some fans saw the photo and were hopeful that Kate Mansi would be returning to the NBC soap opera as her former character, Abigail, a role now played by Marci Miller, the actress doesn't seem to be returning to the show to work.

Kate Mansi returns to the 'DOOL' set

Kate Mansi joined her former "Days of Our Lives" family, including her one-time television husband Billy Flynn, who plays Chad DiMera on "DOOL," as they spoke about their Emmy nominations. Mansi posted a photo of the group together on her social media accounts and revealed that she "loved seeing the faces" of her "old friends," and revealed that she had "missed" them "so much." Kate went on to say that the soap is "a special home to so many" and that she will "forever cherish" her time on the show.

Remembering Abigail's biggest moments in Salem

During Kate Mansi's run as Abigail Deveraux-DiMera on "Days Of Our Lives,, " she found herself in a lot of trouble.

She tried to seduce Carrie Brady's husband, Austin Re and even found herself in a steamy affair with Sami Brady's fiance, EJ DiMera before falling in love with his younger brother Chad all over again. While Chad was out of town, Abigail found herself falling hard for a new guy in town, Ben Weston, and was shocked when she learned of Ben's temper.

Later, Ben was revealed to be a Salem serial killer who had taken the lives of Paige Larsen, Serena Mason, and Will Horton before trying to kill Abigail and kidnap her son Thomas. It was her encounter with Ben that lead Abigail to break and be put in a mental institution, which she later broke out of and faked her death. During the time that she was believed to be dead, her husband, Chad, fell in love with Gabi Hernandez, which has ushered in Marci Miller's biggest storyline.

Currently, Abigail has told Chad that she can no longer be his wife due to his feelings for Gabi.

What are your thoughts on Kate Mansi returning to the "Days of Our Lives" set? Do you miss seeing her as Abigail Deveraux-DiMera on the show?