Hey, "General Hospital" fans. It's the weekend, which means we've got some new spoiler teasers to go over with you guys in reference to what's coming up in the May 15th to May 19th, 2017 episodes. It turns out that we'll be seeing some new scenes from Hayden, putting in some major work to clear Finn's name. Nina is going to seek out help from Andre at some point. Julian is going to get showered with a bit of luck, and more. These spoiler teasers come from ABC by way of Soap Central.

Lady Luck

The first teaser that we'll go over is this situation with Julian.

They tell us that Lady luck is going to shine down on him. So, it sounds like we'll see him get pretty lucky in some sort of way. However, viewers won't find out until the episode actually airs. One thing that we do know is that this storyline should give us some pretty interesting scenes.

Next, they let us know that we're going to see Anna get some assistance with whatever she's trying to do. Again, these are just teasers, so they're pretty vague. The big questions for this situation: Who will help her? And what is she getting help for? Hopefully we'll get a full picture of what that is before the week is up.

Only one she can turn to

Elsewhere, we're going to see Nina needing some advice for something, and she's going to come to the conclusion that Andre is the only one she can turn to.

Will Andre provide her the answers that she's so eager and desperate to have? Or will she get disappointed by him and have to look elsewhere?

We're also going to see some action from Hayden in at least one of the big storylines going on next week, as they tell us that she will be busy trying to do everything she can to make sure Finn's name gets cleared.

What will be some of the steps she takes to get this done? Will she even be able to get it done at all?

Come to her rescue

In this last set of teasers, we've got a few things that will be happening in Friday's May 19th episode. It turns out that we're going to see Anna get bailed out of some trouble by Nathan, as he is going to swoop in and come to her rescue.

Next, Lucy is going to get won over after having a change of heart, so to speak. They didn't mention what she'll have a change of heart about, but she's going to, whatever it is, so look for that to all go down in this episode.

All kinds of accusations

Then, we've got one last scoop for Friday's week-ending session. We're going to see Finn start firing accusations, so that certainly sounds like a storyline that will give us a lot of interesting drama to look forward to. Stay tuned.