Alright, so we've got a storyline that's going to feature Nacho having a reunion with one of his old acquaintances, and more in this upcoming "Better Call Saul" episode. Some of the other things we'll be seeing include a connection developing between Mike and Stacey at some point, while Jimmy will be scrambling to get rid of his debts. These storyline spoilers come from AMC by way of TV Guide.


The episode (titled "Expenses") sees Jimmy attempting to get his debts paid off. Will he actually be able to? Or, will he keep coming up short? Those are the significant questions for his storyline.

Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Nacho situation

Next, we've got the Nacho situation to go over. Apparently, we're going to see an acquaintance of his from the past show up on the scene at some point, because they tell us that they're going to reunite. What will they be reuniting for? Who will this old acquaintance be? Those are the burning questions that are left looming for this situation. Perhaps we will see who it is in the new preview clip that we expect to get from AMC later on tonight after episode 6 airs. You'll definitely want to be looking for that one, because there's no doubt that this storyline will be intriguing.

Significant project

Lastly, we'll be going over this teaser for the Stacey and Mike storyline.

It's pretty vague as well, but it's certainly better than nothing, so here we go. They're telling us that, at some point in this episode, Mike is going to decide to give Stacey a helping hand with a project that she's working on. As far as what this project is, they made no mention of it, so that falls into our question mark category.

What is this significant project that brings these two together? They did reveal one more thing. This new, working relationship is going to give birth to what they're calling a "meaningful connection" between these two.

How deep will this connection be and how long will it last? That's something we'll definitely have to tune in to find out. Episode 7 is set to air next Monday night, May 22nd, 2017 at 10pm Eastern Standard Time on AMC. Stay tuned.