Hey, "Better Call Saul" peeps. We've got some pretty interesting things, going down with Jimmy in this new episode 6 of the current season 3 as he will try his hand at some new endeavor. There's going to be a wicked power struggle to take place with Nacho. Limits will definitely get tested when it comes to this Chuck situation they're describing. We have AMC by way of TV Guide to thank for these short, storyline spoiler teaser scoops.

"Off Brand"

They also let us know that the producers came up with the title of: "Off Brand" to name this one. They began their official plot summary description by telling us what the Jimmy storyline will be in this one, or at least one of them.

He might be in some other ones. This is the only one that they would reveal here. It turns out that he's going to have an itch to try out a new endeavor, so he is going to certainly give it a shot. Will he be successful at it? Or will he fail miserably? Those are the big questions for this situation. Again, they're description was very vague, so that's all the intel that we have for now.

Absolute limit

Next, they let us know that we're going to be seeing Chuck in action at some point, and it sounds like he'll be up to some pretty intense stuff as they tell us that whatever he's doing, he will be pushing himself to the absolute limit. The obvious questions, here, is what in the hell will he be doing that requires such a push?

And will he survive this much intensity? Something tells me he will, but it's certainly going to be quite interesting to see what he'll be doing. Maybe, we'll be able to catch a few glimpses of it when AMC drops the new promo clips for this episode later on, tonight, after episode 5 finishes up. We'll see.

Wicked power struggle

Lastly, they gave us a sneak peek description of what Nacho will be up to. Apparently, it's going to get real intense with him as well, because they tell us that he's going to be heavily involved in some sort of situation that involves a pretty wicked power struggle. Will Nacho get the upper hand in this situation?

Or will he come up short? We'll definitely have to wait around until next week to find that out. However, the one thing we can be sure of, is that we'll get some very interesting scenes out of this storyline. No doubt.

Currently, we're still waiting for the official promo pics to get more intel from them. They should get posted later this week, so definitely be on the lookout for those. We've got five more episodes to go after this one airs, and after looking at the schedule, they're going to show them straight through with no breaks, so that's good. Episode 6 is confirmed to show up next Monday night, May 15th,2017 at 10pm eastern standard time on AMC. Stay tuned.