Hey, "The Bachelorette" fans. Welcome back to a brand new season of this crazy show. This time, ABC finally has their first African-American Bachelorette to do the picking. Her name is Rachel Lindsey. This new episode is going to already deliver some heavy drama and exciting scenes. We're going to be seeing big-time stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis show up on the scene at some point. Then the cocktail party is just going to get crazy when somebody that was not invited crashes the party looking to speak with Rachel. We have ABC's official press release to thank for these spoiler scoops by way of TV Guide.

Barbecue in Malibu

To get things started, they tell us that Rachel is going to go on a group date with eight of the guys. They didn't give us specifics on who the guys are. We'll be getting those later from Reality Steve so hang on tight. During this group date, they're going to engage in a backyard barbecue outing in Malibu. This is where we'll see big-time celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis arrive. Im guessing ABC paid them gobs of money to make an appearance. Whatever the case, during their visit they will help out with what they're calling a husband material obstacle course.

Obstacle course

They didn't go into detail about what this obstacle course will consist of so that will remain a mystery for now.

It definitely sounds sort of interesting though. Next, we're going to see some one-on-one date action with Rachel and one of the lucky bachelors. She will end up taking him to a Palm Springs dog festival for the first half of the date. We don't have the details for the second half of the date because ABC just doesn't go that far in their press releases.

Reality Steve is late getting the episode by episode spoilers up. He said he would be getting them up before today is over. Once we get a hold of those, we'll have all the specific details about these dates.

Getting back to that one-on-one date. Will Rachel keep this guy around? Or will she have to dump him? Those are the big questions for this situation.

We should get some glimpses of it in the preview clip that we expect ABC to release after the premiere episode wraps up. You'll definitely want to lookout for that one.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Next, they mentioned that there's going to be another group date where 10 of the guys will get to spend the day with NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Again, ABC probably had to spend big money to get him on there. It'll be interesting to see what's going to go down with that whole situation.

Asking to see Rachel

Then, last but most certainly not least, we're going to be shown the wild cocktail party footage and it sounds like it's really going to be crazy. They tell us that there's going to be an unwelcome guest that shows up to crash it and this person will be asking to see Rachel! Will they let this person see Rachel? Or will they call for security immediately? Those are the big questions for this situation. There's no doubt about it.