Hey, "Better Call Saul" fans. We've got a couple of short but very intriguing new storylines to reveal for episode 8 of this current season. We'll be seeing Jimmy get put in a situation that calls for desperate measures. Mike will end up looking into another alliance. Nacho is going to learn something new. Elsewhere, Hamlin is going to see a new, intense side of Kim. We have the description from AMC by way of TV Guide to thank for these spoiler scoops.

'Slip' is the title

We've got a very short title for this installment, as the showrunners decided to simply name it "Slip." The first storyline they described is the one with Jimmy.

Apparently, something very serious is going to go down with him. They didn't specifically tell us what that is so we unfortunately don't know. What we do know is that it's going to force him to have to pull off what they're calling some desperate measures. What will these desperate measures entail? Will they actually get the job done? These are the burning questions for this very intense situation. It looks like we'll certainly have to tune in to see how this plotline plays out.

A new skill

Next, we've got the storyline with Nacho. They're telling us that at some point, he's going to learn a new skill. They didn't tell us what this skill is so we definitely want to know that. Also, will this new skill be good or bad?

This plotline should give us some pretty interesting scenes.

Explore another alliance

Elsewhere, Mike will be busy in one of these scenes. They tell us that he's going to trying to explore what another alliance is all about. What alliance will this be? Will he end up joining it? Those are a couple of big questions for this situation.

It definitely sounds quite intriguing. It's certainly possible that we might catch a few glimpses of these storylines when AMC releases their sneak peek/preview clips for this episode later on tonight after episode 7 gets done airing, so you'll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Past her breaking point

Lastly, we've got one more teaser scoop to go over.

It involves Kim. Apparently, Hamlin is going to push her past her breaking point or something because they tell us that she is going to stand up to him at some point. Will her boldness get her what she wants? Or will it just get her in some deep, deep trouble with Hamlin? Again, they didn't reveal much else for this storyline so we're going to have to wait around to find out what happens with this situation too. It sounds like it's going to give us a pretty intense and dramatic scene for sure. Stay tuned.

Not until June 5th

Unfortunately, we also got confirmation from the press release that episode 8 isn't going to air until Monday night, June 5th, 2017 at 9pm central time on AMC. For some reason, they've decided to skip next week. Be sure to make note of that.