Karen Huger is very proud of her marriage, and she often brags about how she's married to the Black Bill Gates. While her husband doesn't necessarily love that nickname, she's proud of his success. In addition, Karen has worked hard to keep her marriage healthy and happy, and she showed fans of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" what she does to keep her husband happy after so many years. During Sunday's episode of the show, she revealed that she wanted to do a photoshoot for her husband as a way of thanking him for the past many years together.

Oddly enough, in that same episode, Huger had to watch her co-star's troubling marriage.

Ashley Darby questioned whether she wanted to continue her marriage to Michael Darby, as he was acting more like her father and boss than her husband and business partner. The two had a huge fight on screen, and Karen was heartbroken to watch it all play out on television.

According to her Bravo blog, Karen Huger is now revealing that she had no idea that Ashley's marriage was this bad until she watched "The Real Housewives of Potomac." And it sounds like Huger was saddened at what she saw.

Ashley can't take her words back

During the fight, things were said, and Ashley revealed to her husband that if he shut the event down at their restaurant she had set up to help market the business, the marriage would be over.

Some things were said, and she didn't hold back.

“I had no idea Ashley‘s marriage was so troubled. The fight between Michael and Ashley was sad to watch. They both said horrible things to one another that they can never erase,” Karen Huger writes for Bravo.

Clearly, threatening a divorce is something she can't take back, but based on how she was treated in the marriage, it sounds like she meant it.

Ashley Darby wants independence

During the episode, Darby revealed that she wanted some independence. She pointed out that it was clearly her husband who was holding the reins in the marriage and she had no chance of doing anything to improve. No matter what she did, she was judged and treated as an employee. During the episode, Darby also revealed that what was shown on television was a fight that had been brewing through phone calls and text messages.

While she did threaten a divorce, it doesn't sound like it's going to happen anytime soon.

What do you think of Karen Huger's comments about Ashley's marriage? What advice do you think she would give if she could offer up something of value?