Halloween 2019 brings many events for those people who love gaming. "Horror Halloween Overwatch 2019" looks exciting. Plus, there are events offered by "Apex Legends, "Final Fantasy, "Hearthstone," and more.

'Halloween Overwatch 2019'

From October 15, until November 4, Overwatch will have its Halloween event available to all players, Games Radar reported. This year you will have new graffiti and cosmetics for the game, but also every week you can get one of the new skins that are available this year. Among the characters are "Junkrat", "Baptiste and Shadow," respectively.

In addition, the 4-player cooperative mode, "Junkenstein's Revenge" is again available for play. It has always caused a sensation and has generated memes and good comments among all the players. How do you feel about a return this year?

'Apex Legends'

The Halloween event of "Apex Legends" is now available, from October 15 until November 5 Express UK notes. Halloween "Apex Legends" take one revision off the previous map, Canyon de Los Reyes. In this map, we will see very angry leviathans and in addition to that, a rather terrifying environment. We have also been able to see all the new thematic skins of the different legends.

We have even seen for the first time, what appears to be, or could be, a new character in the game - Revenant.

We remember that this season has introduced Crypto, a legend that shared several leaks with Revenant.

'Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints' Wake'

The "Final Fantasy XIV" events always seem to be a delight, in addition to a stop along the way for those who expect Christmas with all their soul. Halloween arrives at FFXIV with "All Saints' Wake," the perfect opportunity to get many game items, including Circus Ahriman- and a pumpkin-shaped carriage.

Objects from previous years may also be purchased.

In order to participate in the event, your character must be at least level 15 and complete the "Probably Pirates" mission. Having met those requirements, go to your Guild in Gridania to start.

'Heartstone: Tunda in The Grave'

This event will also be available until October 30, "Hearthstone: Tunda in The Grave" takes players to Uldaman.

Legend has it that dangers lurk inside the Enchanted Temple of Uldum and that its recesses hide majestic ancestral treasures. How could it be otherwise? Reno and Rafaam just needed to hear the magic word, and they have already focused on the powerful artifacts of the temple!

But it won't be easy. While our heroes and villains make their way into the Enchanted Temple, the decapitated Rider has laid out a perverse plan and opened a sarcophagus full of WILD horrors. Now you will have to help the forces of good (or EVIL) to unveil the valuable secrets hidden by the temple and escape the curse of the grave!

'Bloodborne: Return to Yharnam'

This event has not been officially organized but is being carried out by the players.

From last October 5, and until November 5, "Bloodborne" players offer to test the courage of others to descend in the game, go through all the bosses and interact with the hunters as much as possible.

To know a little more about what this is going on, you better visit the pages where it was carried out, such as Reddit for example or its Discord page. Good hunting!

'Rocket League: Haunted Hallows'

This 'Rocket League' event is held in collaboration with "Stranger Things." It started on October 14 and will last until November 11. It is called 'Haunted Hallows' and it will bring some popular elements of the series, such as a new track decorated with features of the series and located in the World of Upside Down.

'Rocket League' replaces loot boxes with others that eliminate randomness. Playing Psyonix matches we will get a special coin, which can be spent on elements of the series, such as a Dustin cap, special wheels, or a Demogorgon emblem.

'Pokémon GO: Darkrai' in raids and much more

From October 17, and until November 1, "Pokémon GO" will have its Halloween event back with different updates. The dark pokémon will return, starring 'Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Electabuzz, Magmar, Lapras, Mareep, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Sableye, Trapinch, Cacnea, Shuppet, and Duskull. In addition to new costumes, cosmetics, and Yamask as a new shiny.