Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is many things - could he add president to the list? A recent interview with GQ Magazine suggests that the possibility of a presidential run is real for the Hollywood actor. The star is already extremely popular for his positive disposition on just about everything. He doesn't have much experience in that realm, but that hasn't stopped a recent President from ascending the role - what's to stop him?

Hints from GQ

In the interview with GQ, "The Rock" was asked about giving up his booming Hollywood career for the more daunting lights of Washington D.C.

He reportedly didn't even miss a beat when giving his answer, stating that there was definitely a possibility of following that path. This is despite the fact that "The Rock" has overcome his lack of training in the arts to become the highest-paid movie star in the industry today.

Despite rumors last year, "The Rock" stayed out of presidential Politics. He claims that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton asked for his endorsement, seeing how valuable of an asset he would be to a campaign; he refused both. Instead, he wanted to let the country decide for themselves who should be president without his influence. On one hand, that reveals a certain sense of arrogance surrounding his place in society.

On the other hand, however, it demonstrates an awareness that a candidate above the political fray may be best suited for the presidency in 2020.

Should he run?

2020 is still a long way off. There's no need to make any rash decisions in May 2017. If "The Rock" decides he wants to enter presidential politics in the future, however, his overwhelming popularity certainly gives him a chance at making a real impact in any race.

He doesn't have the requisite experience, but actors have certainly made a difference in politics in the past, from former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to former president Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps for his own selfish reasons, "The Rock" should pass on presidential politics. Time and time again, The White House has torn people apart.

Nobody is immune from having their reputation potentially dismantled by the people of the United States and "The Rock" wouldn't be either. If he believes his impact can really make a difference, he has to do what he has to do. Otherwise, it's best for him to keep his sterling reputation intact courtesy of people on both sides of the political divide.