Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray found love on "Bachelor in Paradise" last summer. The two ended up engaged, but it didn't work out. Right away, he moved to live with her and her two daughters. It looked like they were going to last, but that didn't happen. Josh moved back home to Atlanta, and they are moving on from each other. Now, US Magazine is sharing that Amanda Stanton is revealing that she is having a hard time moving on from Josh.

Amanda Stanton talks to US Magazine

Amanda Stanton is speaking out and saying that it is hard for her to move on, but also for Josh.

US got the chance to talk to Amanda on the red carpet at KIIS FM's 2017 Wango Tango in Los Angeles.She said, "When we were on the show, it felt like I had met the love of my life. It's really hard, I think, to move on from that. I think we're both having a hard time moving on." Amanda was sure that she had met the man she would spend the rest of her life with, but that didn't end up being the case. Carly and Evan are the only couple from the last season of "Bachelor in Paradise" that were able to stay together.

What went wrong for Josh and Amanda?

She explained that there are a lot of things that are different when you are in the real world and not just on "Bachelor in Paradise." Once getting off the show, Amanda Stanton had to learn how to live with Josh, and he also became very involved with her two daughters.

Josh was really close with them and losing them was hard on him.

Amanda admitted that a few years ago she thought the idea of online dating was crazy, but now she feels like she is the age where that is the thing to do. This may end up being the way that she finds love. Amanda is trying the dating world, but if she has found someone she isn't sharing who it is just yet.

When Josh and Amanda split, a source revealed that they had known it was over for a bit, but because of the kids, they kept holding on. It was obvious that Josh got really close to her children even though things didn't work out for them. Now Josh and Amanda are working on finding a way to move on and find love again after thinking they had found the one and were done with the dating scene.

Are you shocked to hear that Amanda Stanton is having a hard time moving on from Josh Murray? Do you think that she will end up back on "Bachelor in Paradise"? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Bachelor in Paradise" when it returns to ABC this summer. The fans can't wait to see if any couples come out of this season of the show.