In what has become routine over the last year, Donald Trump's controversial style and rhetoric has left him open to criticism. For "Saturday Night Live," the president is low-hanging fruit when it comes to comedy and easy laughs.

"SNL" on Trump

When Donald Trump made his presidential candidacy official nearly two years ago, he was originally seen as nothing more than a joke candidate who was running in an attempt to increase his ratings on his reality show. As time moved forward, however, the former host of "The Apprentice" saw his popularity increase.

Using that momentum at his back, Trump was able to push back 16 other Republican candidates before accepting the party's nomination for president last summer. As the general election kicked off, Trump was seen as the underdog against former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. It was during this time when "Saturday Night Live" amped up their criticism of the billionaire real estate mogul, as actor Alec Baldwin took on the role of Trump. From day one, Trump was not happy with how he was portrayed on "SNL," as he lashed out on Twitter on more than one occasion, blasting both Baldwin and the entire show in his rants. During the May 13 episode of "Saturday Night Live," Trump was once again a prime source of laughs.

In a mock version of Donald Trump's recent interview with NBC News host lester holt, played by Michael Che, "Saturday Night Live" trolled the president during the show's cold open. Alec Baldwin kicked off his interview by gloating about his presidency, before answer the satirical Holt's question about firing James Comey.

Baldwin, as Trump, admitted to firing Comey over the Russian scandal, before taking a dig at the president over a CNN story about his eating habits.

A mock Paul Ryan brought Donald Trump his ice cream dessert, before getting trolled by Lester Holt for his use of the term "priming the pump." Trump then referred to Holt as O.J.

Simpson and Kenan, in reference to cast member Kenan Thompson, before stating, "You think I care about optics? I sit on every chair like it's a toilet." Baldwin also roasted Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway, citing her recent return to cable news by saying he "allowed her out of her crypt."

Trump trouble

While "Saturday Night Live" and other comedians and comedy shows have fun with the controversial aspects of the new president, Donald Trump has many other issues to worry about. Over the last week alone, Trump has been forced to deal with the backlash to his firing of James Comey as head of the FBI, the growing Russian scandal, questions surrounding the future of Obamacare, and where he stands on important foreign policy issues that have all led to an approval rating that has dropped below 40 percent in the most recent round of polling.