It's no secret that Donald Trump doesn't see eye to eye with many celebrities out in Hollywood. While many stars have used their popularity to oppose the president, comedian Bill Maher has become one of his most vocal critics.

Maher on Trump

The idea of a Donald Trump presidency wasn't seen as a realistic result of the 2016 election when he first announced his campaign back in June 2015. Trump stood at a podium on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City and explained why he was running for president, giving a speech that resulted in instant backlash.

Trump's controversial remarks, which included a shot at illegal immigrants from Mexico being "rapists" and "murderers," have only become more inflammatory over the last two years. Since his election win last November and from his inauguration back in January, Trump has engaged in an increased war of words with the mainstream media and with his high-profiled critics out in Hollywood. While there are many celebrities who speak out against the former host of "The Apprentice," Bill Maher makes it a point to highlight the negative aspects about the president on a weekly basis. Just a day after his latest "real time with Bill Maher" episode aired on HBO, Maher decided to continue his mockery of Trump during a May 13 Twitter post.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday night was Bill Maher who was quick to double down on his comments from his Friday night "Real Time" show. "I don't want to say Trump lies a lot, but I see sacks of sh*t are now starting to distance themselves from him," Maher tweeted out.

Maher's latest tweet is in line with his last personal post on social media where he referred to Donald Trump as a "mental patient" who lies too much.

Current status

To start his "Real Time" episode on Friday, Bill Maher recapped the controversy that is currently surrounding Donald Trump and the White House, most notably the questions that remain in regards to the firing of James Comey as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Maher trolled Trump as being beholden to Russian President Vladimir Putin, while accusing him of being incompetent and ignorant to the duties of the commander and chief.

Next step

Despite the ongoing criticism coming from the likes of Bill Maher, Donald Trump has remained defiant, as seen in recent interviews as well as his routine tweet-storms. While Trump claims to be in the good graces of the American people, his current approval ratings is hovering below 40 percent and shows no signs of improving.