Being a Hollywood celebrity is tough enough on its own, but when Hollywood meets the British Royal Family, it's a whole different level of tough - in terms of getting privacy and personal space, that is. Such is the case of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who started off as a rumored couple but eventually ended up making their relationship official. Given that they are both celebrities in their own right, the number of paparazzi surrounding them is simply unimaginable. Aside from the hounding paparazzi, rumors that Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family are not in favor of the relationship have been circulating.

However, despite the negative rumors and criticisms hurled at them, it appears that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are far from breaking up. In fact, the couple recently made their official public appearance while attending a public event as an official couple.

Couple spotted in a polo match for charity

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry clearly have a lot in common, but the most highlighted similarity among the two is their love for helping people and how they thrive at being philanthropists in their own right. For Prince Harry, being a philanthropist and an altruistic individual has been instilled in his life since birth, but for Meghan Markle, it was a way of giving back for all the blessings she has received.

With the two of them being staunch supporters of charities and other fundraisers, it was clearly understandable why they chose to officially go out as a couple during the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park Polo Club on Saturday, March 6. According to reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating for 10 months and although they were photographed numerous times together, the said event was the first time that they attended a public event as a couple.

'Suits' actress a very supportive girlfriend to Prince Harry, preparing to be a princess?

The world of glitz and glamor is clearly a whole lot different from the world of princesses and royals. While both are similar in terms of popularity, the responsibility and the moral burden of royals are somewhat overwhelming when laid out to an outsider - in this instance, the "Suits" actress.

Despite all the negative comments and bashers surrounding their relationship, it appears that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle breakup news is far from being true. The 35-year old actress is reportedly warming up to the idea of being part of the royal family. According to sources close to the actress, the "Horrible Bosses" star is reportedly trying to tone down her sexy roles in preparation for a possible entry to the royal family of Britain.