The Walking Dead” is currently shooting down in Georgia. This is good news, as the fear of a looming writers’ strike might have delayed Season 8, but luckily didn’t happen. TWD appears to be right on track with its filming schedule, set to run from early May right through late November and early December. The Season 8 premiere is then set to start at some time during October, on a Sunday to be advised.

Two new characters for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8

What will this mean for the beloved characters of the popular zombie show? First off, two new characters will be joining “The Walking Dead” for its eighth season.

As reported by TVLine, ahead of the war between Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom vs. Negan’s Saviors and the Scavengers, two new good guys are set to appear. One of these is Dillon, who they describe as a sexy, blue-collar 20-something whose main survival skill is sarcasm. This sounds good for female fans.

The second TWD new guy is Abbud, a likable Muslim-American man, whose nerves are wrecked as he has reportedly been on his own for far too long. TVLine reckons of the two new characters, Dillon is probably more likely to survive the coming war, and according to casting notes, he may get picked up for further seasons of TWD.

Can Eugene be redeemed for letting down Rick on ‘The Walking Dead?’

Fans have mixed feelings about Eugene Porter (played by actor Josh McDermitt) and are no doubt wondering what will happen to him in the upcoming Season 8.

Having notoriously betrayed Rick Grimes during Season 7, he has recently been receiving plenty of backlash on social media, leading the actor to delete his accounts. So far Eugene is in uncharted territory after that betrayal, but let’s face it, the man is a survivor and does what he has to in an attempt to stay that way. has come up with a few ideas of how he might be redeemed.

Who will give the best Saviors' intel to Alexandria?

At the end of Season 7, Dwight arrived in Alexandria, allegedly prepared to betray Negan and promising to help and to offer up Intel on the Savior’s plans. However, so far no one is sure they can trust him.

What if Eugene approached Rick, offering similar information? They might be more likely to trust him, maybe leading to his redemption. After the shocking death of Sasha in the season finale, this might be the push he needs. Or maybe Eugene will see an opportunity to do away with one of Negan’s high-ranking men.

This would certainly help towards healing the rift.

So far Eugene’s character has done no physical damage to his former Alexandrian pals (with the possible exception of giving Sasha the poison capsule to swallow). As long as this continues, there is a chance he could get back on the side of good.

For now, fans will have to wait for the first trailer for “The Walking DeadSeason 8, which normally debuts at San Diego Comic-Con during July. At that stage, we should also have a better idea of the official premiere date for Season 8.