Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon continue to be updated with new related content. In this case, the mega stones return to be the protagonists. As you well know, the creatures in this new installment have not had too much prominence.

They have decided to replace it with the dynamics of the Z movements, remaining in a second place, and not even being able to get any of them within the deliveries. This time the Pokémons that return to act are Pidgeot, Heracross, Steelix, and Houndoom. The Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross and Houndoom Megaphones are now available through a promotional code.

Confirmed on the Nintendo website

Last April, Nintendo launched a special event where you could get the Megapiedras from Mawile, Beedrill, Audino and Medicham. Already, there were rumors about the possible launch of a similar event in the month of May, where you could get the Steelixite and Pidgeotite. As can be confirmed on the Nintendo website, this rumor has come true and has gone a little further.

In addition to mega evolution to Steelix and Pidgeot, the Heracrossite and Houndoomita are also available for mega evolution to Heracross and Houndoom. All of them can already be used on Pokémon Sun And Moon and for the moment do not have a deadline.

How can you get these Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross in the game?

Like last month, these Megapiedras can be obtained by means of a promotional code. Just follow a series of steps that are going to be explained below:

  1. Select "Mystery Gift" from the main menu.
  2. Then click on "Receive gift."
  3. Then give "Receive by code or password" and then choose "Yes" to be connected to the Internet.
  4. Enter the password: BLUE.
  5. Once this is done, the Megapiedras will reach the game, and you will be able to receive them talking to the dealer in any Pokémon Center.

To use them it is necessary to equip each one to its respective Pokémon.

In this way, we can see in action Mega Pidgeot, Mega Steelix, Mega Houndoom or Mega Heracross with its maximum power. This has not been the only special event to win a new Pokémon. You can also get Lycanroc (night form) by requesting a code when visiting a GAME store. It seems that the promotional codes are going to be a good hook in the games of Pokémon.

As recently in the application of Pokémon GO have also introduced this function for future events.

Now you can Mega evolve; four more Pokémon thanks to a free code on the Pokémon official website. A free code will get you four new mega stones that will be used for mega evolve Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross, and Houndoom during the battle.As of May 15, you will be able to go to GameStop to collect Lycanroc (midnight form) for free use of the same steps mentioned above. The event will take place until June 5 or until exhausted, so be sure to head to your local GameStop as soon as possible. Although Lycanroc can be captured in the game, this will be an easy way to collect the life orb you are carrying.