It is that time of year when shows get canceled, and Fans fight to keep the ones around that they love. One show is noticeably missing from the new schedule for fall. "Chicago Justice" isn't there at all and now fans are worried it is coming to an end after just one season. TV Guide shared the details about if "Chicago Justice" is coming back again.

What is the plan for "Chicago Justice" for the 17-18 season?

It turns out that "Chicago Justice" just didn't fit into the schedule for fall with all of the other shows. They are hoping to bring it back, but for now, it appears that it won't be happening until spring once again.

"Chicago Justice" actually started airing in the spring for its first season, so this isn't surprising, but fans were really expecting it to be a year-round show just like the other Chicago shows. Some people are going to be disappointed about this news, but the good thing is that "Chicago Justice" isn't canceled and will actually be returning at some point. It will make it hard for them to do a four-way crossover for a while though. The fans do love when they can see all of their favorite shows working together. If nothing else, they can bring those actors on to an episode or two of the others shows like has been done in the past as well. They always find a way to make it work.

NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt is speaking out and sharing his thoughts on it.

He said, "We haven't made a definitive decision on that yet. We were so rich with hour shows and moving things around, we decided that we didn't have a place for it yet. But we're still looking deeper into midseason." The show "Trial and Error" is in the exact same boat right now and they need a spot for it, but it isn't canceled.

This show just started this season as well, and they are hoping that they can get it back on sometime in the spring if not sooner as well.

The other Chicago hits "Chicago Med," "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." are going to be returning for full seasons, though. These are the first three shows that did great in the Chicago series.

These have all been a huge success for the network over the past few years. You have to wonder if "Chicago Justice" didn't have the ratings that the other shows are bringing in since they didn't find a way to get it on year-round like the others.

Are you excited to hear that there is a plan for "Chicago Justice" to come back again? Do you feel like they will end up canceling it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.