Selected fans of Marvel's "Inhumans" were given the chance to see the first look of the ABC series. The show, starring Medusa and BlackBolt, is expected to be released later in the fall. According to earlier reports, the two will land earth after their world experiences a royal coup. Meanwhile, Maximus’ betrayal will have an exciting team up with the royal family. Aside from this, Lockjaw's debut in the short video fueled all the hype of the fans. The online world was definitely delighted to see it!

Lockjaw confirmed to be in the upcoming 'Inhumans' TV series

While the complete trailer for Marvel's "Inhumans" will soon arrive, a Twitter user (@AreYouInhumans) managed to find Lockjaw's part in the footage. The Twitter user, named TEDDY MARVEL, captioned the status with “A Trailer Is Coming... but here's the First Look of #LockJaw. He might steal the show!” The account also tagged Mark Kolpack with it, who serves as the visual effects supervisor of ABC's Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD."

The clip showed Lockjaw and BlackBolt teleporting to earth and ended up in the middle of a busy civilian street. Both of them stood at the center, which brought a commotion in the said public area. It seems like the latter won't be able to handle the situation.

He might be the leader of Inhumans but the circumstance became quite overwhelming. For those who aren't aware of who Lockjaw is, you will know more about the said character once the series arrives.

As per the comic, the role was described as a massive pitbull who serves as the royal family's escort and a teleporter.

At some point, the TV appearance looks noticeably similar to its comic version though the headpiece and golden collar are missing. Lockjaw is also tall in the seen clip even beside Blackbolt.

Get to know Lockjaw more

Initial reports informed that the giant dog is born in Attilan. The abilities include psychic powers such as teleportation and precognition, Comic Book reports.

Last but not the least, Lockjaw has the unbelievable jaw strength. Therefore, one must not let the massive pup take a bite out of them.

What else should we expect from ABC?

Variety revealed that a new schedule for "Inhumans," "Once Upon a Time," "Shark Tank," and other TV series will be launched in the network. “We feel that after three years of ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Blackish’ is ready to anchor its own night of television,” says Channing Dungey. Watch out for more updates!