Originally, "The Inhumans" was supposed to have their own movie from Marvel Comics but plans changed and Marvel moved them to the world of television. As the ABC TV Show "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." has introduced television fans to the idea of Inhumans, there is now an "Inhumans" TV show coming to ABC and Disney has made it clear that this is like nothing TV fans have ever seen.

"The Inhumans" in Marvel Comics

The Inhumans as a superhero team have existed since the early days of "The Fantastic Four" comics, where they were shown as a superpowered royal family who lived in isolation.

They soon relocated to the dark side of the moon for their own safety and developed something unlike anything in Marvel Comics at the time. For one thing, The Inhumans had a Royal Family and everyone in the society had a place, a conformist society where no one was allowed to rise above their place in the society. Black Bolt is the king and the main enemy of the Royal Family is his brother Maximus, who himself wants to take over the throne and use that power to attack others and rule with an iron fist. It is slightly similar to Aquaman's story in DC Comics with Atlantis.This gives ABC a chance to really delve into something different in the Marvel Universe.

"The Inhumans" on Marvel TV

The big connection with The Inhumans and the Marvel Comics movies is that they are the results of genetic engineering from years before by the Kree, the race that Ronan from "Guardians fo the Galaxy" belonged to.

That was then brought into the storyline on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." where the Terrigen Mist as shown as what gave even normal humans powers that turned them into Inhumans. This gave the character of Daisey superpowers on the TV show and established the Inhumans community on the Marvel ABC TV shows. Now, "The Inhumans" are getting their own TV show in an eight-episode order, similar to what Marvel did with "Agent Carter" before. This is a big deal for Marvel because, even though this is a TV show, they will shoot it on IMAX cameras and it will debut in movie theaters on IMAX screens on Sept. 1.