The entire "Resident Evil" science fiction horror film series had already concluded with the release of "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter." The story of Alice and her fight against the fictional Umbrella Corporation has officially ended. However, new reports have revealed that Constantin Film, the studio that bought the rights to the franchise back in 1997, now has plans to fully reboot the entire franchise by releasing a brand new "Resident Evil" movie.

Official announcement

The confirmation that another movie was going to be created came directly from Constantin Film chairman of the board, Martin Moszkowicz.

The executive revealed this fact to reporters during the recently held Cannes Film Festival in France. Unfortunately, Moszkowicz didn't really reveal any details regarding who would be starring in the new movie, who will be directing it, and what it will be about. Due to the enormous world that currently exists in the franchise, it would be difficult to speculate on its possible storyline and characters.

Full overhaul

All of the six films that were released within the original franchise starred Milla Jovovich as Alice. However, seeing as that there is really no possible way to extend her story, Jovovich's involvement in the reboot movie is highly unlikely. This also goes the same for Paul W.S.

Anderson, the writer for all six movies and the director for four of the films. Anderson has a lot on his plate as of the moment, which includes a brand new video game to film project for Capcom, titled "Monster Hunter."

Constantin Film and Sony Entertainment came out with the original "Resident Evil" movie back in 2001, right after Sony acquired distribution rights.

The companies then followed it up with "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" in 2004, "Extinction" is 2007, "Afterlife" in 2010, "Retribution" in 2012, and "The Final Chapter" in 2016.

Possible sources

The franchise currently extends to a myriad of other mediums, which includes video games, novels, and several animated films. The novels mainly concentrated on events outside of the games and movies and introduced several new characters and key players in the outbreak.

The prelude stories written by Hiroyuki Ariga could be a great source for the new movie. Then again, reports close to the company have claimed that the reboot would essentially follow the stories of the original video game titles, which are still kind of interesting to see being brought to life on the silver screen.