Sharp-eyed fans of Marvel superheroes and movie/TV programs starring said superheroes may notice a trend forming in the casting of alumni from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” in roles of Marvel characters. Everyone knows Sophie “Sansa Stark” Turner as Jean Grey in “X-Men Apocalypse”; then we have the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Netflix corner with Finn “Loras Tyrell” Jones and Jessica “Nymeria Sand” Henwick as the titular “Iron Fist” and his ally Colleen Wing. And finally there’s the ABC-Imax coproduction “Inhumans”, which has Iwan “Ramsay Bolton” Rheon as the sinister Maximus, and he’s no longer alone in the cast.

While none else so far is from “GOT”, for now the latest casting for “Inhumans” is the most comprehensive yet.

Complete Inhuman royal family cast

Perhaps the most significant element of the latest announcement is the filling out of actors for the roles of each significant member of the Inhuman royal family, which has ruled their isolated and highly advanced society from the rest of humanity. Aside from Rheon’s potentially antagonistic character and Anson Mount as King Black Bolt of the Inhumans, there is also Serina Swan as Black Bolt’s wife Queen Medusa, and Isabelle Cornish as Medusa’s sister Crystal. Other members of the main cast include Ken Leung as royal adviser Karnak, Eme Ikwuakor as Inhuman military general Gorgon, Mike Moh as Black Bolts aquatic cousin Triton, Sonya Balmores as royal guard captain Auran, and the royal family pet Lockjaw, a massive bulldog-like Inhuman weighing 2,000 pounds who will be generated through CGI.

The Inhumans were created for Marvel Comics by artist/writer Jack Kirby, and random people from that species feature in ABC’s other MCU TV series, “Agents of SHIELD”.

The “Marvel’s Inhumans” series focuses on the main Inhuman domain of Attilan, inhabited by the main population of Inhumans, descendants of prehistoric Earth people experimented on by the alien Kree.

Through exposure to the Terrigen compound, they awaken superhuman abilities, bizarre physiological transformations, or both. Black Bolt’s voice is so powerful a whisper can wreck a city, Medusa’s long hair is prehensile and strong, Crystal can manipulate the elements, Karnak can see the flaws in anything, Gorgon’s hoofed legs can create earthquakes, Triton can breathe underwater, Auran has super-hearing, Lockjaw can teleport himself and his companions, and Maximus has hyper-intelligence that potentially erodes his sanity.

Sneak peek

Scott Buck from “Dexter” is executive producer and show-runner for “Inhumans” the first two hours of which will be directed by Roel Reine and shown first on Imax cinemas in September, before premiering on ABC weeks later. Buck is positive over Marvel Television’s casting choices saying, "With Eme, Isabelle, Mike, Sonya and Ellen portraying the rest of our leading roles, we have a strong cast that is going to add tremendous depth to our Royal Family.” Some snapshots of photography have also shown up on Twitter.