On this week's episode of "Married at First Sight" on Lifetime, the three married couples shared their first night together. All of them talked a long time and got to know each other a little better. Even though they talked about wanting to consummate their marriage, neither couple did. The next morning, all couples had brunch with their families.

Sheila and Nate

Sheila Downs, 30, and Nate Duhon, 25, both wanted to consummate the marriage, but they decided to wait. Sheila said she wanted to get to know her husband better, and she did not want to cloud it with sex.

At the brunch, Nate's mother Jennifer was very upset that her son married a total stranger. Nate took her to the side and talked to her. She asked him if she was still his queen. To her dismay, Nate said his wife is his queen, but he will always love his mother. Sheila was delighted about the way Nate handled the situation.

Sheila and Nate learned they were going to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands on their honeymoon. Both of them hinted that they would consummate their marriage while there. Sheila added that it had been a while since she had sex. Before they left, Pastor Calvin Roberson met with the couple and gave them a pep talk.

The preview for next week's episode showed Sheila crying and leaving the room as she said something to the effect that she can't do that any longer.

Viewers will find out what that was about next week.

Danielle and Cody

Danielle DeGroot, 30, and Cody Knapek, 26, spent their Wedding Night lying on the bed and being passionate. It was obvious that they are attractive to each other, but like Sheila and Nate, they did not consummate their marriage.

The two had brunch with both families.

There was no drama at the gathering. The mothers from both sides of the family think the newlyweds are adorable. Pastor Roberson met with the couple and encouraged them to enjoy their honeymoon in St. Thomas and don't start looking for problems in the marriage.

Ashley and Anthony

Ashley Petta, 30, and Anthony D'Amico, 33, laughed, talked and snuggled in bed, but like the other two couples, they did not consummate their marriage.

Anthony gifted his new wife with a necklace bearing the letter "A" and a miniature flashlight. That's because before Anthony met Ashley at the altar, he had dreamed the first name of the woman he was going to marry starts with the letter "A."

Ashley and Anthony seem to be getting to know each other, but there is a red flag. Ashley is very close to her family. In fact, her sister Lauren suggested that the newlyweds should move in her building so they can hang out together. Pastor Roberson cautioned Ashley and Anthony not to share marital problems with their families because they will hold it against them long after the couple has made up.

This third couple is off to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. The preview for next week gives the appearance that they did consummate their marriage while they were there.