The fans of "Sister Wives" have been patiently waiting for the news to come out that maddie Brown Brush has had her baby. Caleb and Maddie got married on last season of "Sister Wives" and are now expecting their first child together. This will be the first grandbaby for the Brown family. The entire family has been excited since the second that Maddie started dating Caleb because they already knew him and loved him. Kody felt like he couldn't have found her a better match.

Maddie Brush gives updates on her pregnancy

Maddie Brown Brush has been going to her Instagram page and giving the fans a ton of updates on her pregnancy.

She recently shared a picture of her sister Aspyn Brown playing with her baby bump. Maddie is getting pretty big in this picture and shared saying that she was 36 weeks at this time. Maddie said the baby was moving around and they have already revealed that they are having a little boy. You know this baby is going to be spoiled with all of the family that will be surrounding it. Everyone has made it clear that they are excited about the new addition to the family.

When should the baby arrive?

This picture was from two weeks ago, and she was 36 weeks at this time. That means that Maddie Brush is now 38 weeks pregnant. The baby boy could be here any day now. Everyone would love to hear the news straight from Maddie when the baby gets here.

She is pretty active on her Instagram, so it wouldn't be surprising if she shares a photo with her fans when he arrives. Maddie is living with Caleb away from her family, but at least her mom may have come out to be close to her for the birth of her first son. It has been a big change for her being away from her family.

Just a few days ago, Maddie shared a birthday message to her mom Janelle Brown on her Instagram page.

She hasn't shown off her baby belly in a bit, which has fans wondering if the baby could be here or almost here. Her mom Janelle has been posting on Twitter but hasn't shared an update on the little boy either. If the TLC cameras are there, they will end up waiting to share a lot of the details until a new season of the show.

Are you excited to hear the news that Maddie Brown Brush had her baby? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Sister Wives" when it returns to TLC. So far, TLC hasn't said anything about when the show will be coming back, but the fans are really hoping it returns soon. They want to see Maddie Brown Brush's baby shower and other details.