Heading into the weekend, the biggest story to dominate the news cycle has been James Comey being fired as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by Donald Trump. As Trump angrily defends himself from critics, comedian Bill Maher didn't hold back his thoughts.

Real Time on Trump

Since the start of the Donald Trump administration, it was clear that there would be ongoing issues. Whether it's the growing Russian scandal, in-fighting between his advisers and associates, controversial policy decisions and executive orders, or just the president's general tone, Trump has been forced to play defense from the moment he was sworn into office.

While there have been many issues for the former host of "The Apprentice" to deal with over the last four months, nothing has caused him more of a headache than the scandal involving Russia and the country's role in hacking into the 2016 presidential election. Following the election, Democrats were quick to point fingers as to why Hillary Clinton was defeated, with one of the main culprits being James Comey for bringing up her email and private server scandal while she was serving as Secretary of State. However, Comey quickly went from hero to zero for Republicans once he was put in charge to lead the investigation into Russia. After Comey was fired earlier this week, Trump faced serious backlash over his decision, which was highlighted during the May 12 edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO.

Kicking off his show with his weekly monologue, Bill Maher went right to the point and was quick to put Donald Trump on blast. "Seems like there was a year's worth of news stuffed into a week," Maher noted, before going right into Trump's decision to fire James Comey. "The way he did it. Trump can't do anything without doing it like a little bitch," Maher commented, before noting, "One minute into the show and I've already lost my mind."

"Instead of calling Comey up like a real man would do, he sends his albino assassin," Bill Maher said, while giving the punchline "Vladimir Putin." "The main reason they (Trump admin) said Comey had to go, it had nothing to do with Russia, it was all over how unfair he was to Hillary," Maher said in disbelief, while noting, "This would insult Sarah Palin's intelligence."

"Could you imagine what the Republicans would be saying if Hillary was doing this?" Bill Maher rhetorically asked.

"The articles of impeachment wouldn't just be drafted, Roger Stone would have them tattooed on his back by now," he noted, while labeling the White House "The Apprentice, nuclear edition." After recapping Trump's bad week, Maher sarcastically noted, "but Hillary sent some emails from the wrong lap top." "Hey 'Bernie or Bust' people, Hillary wasn't pure enough?

Look what you have now!" the HBO host concluded.

Moving forward

While Bill Maher and other high-profiled critics of the White House continue to put pressure on Donald Trump, the president doesn't seem willing to change his tune anytime soon. After just a few months in office, Trump is dealing with a historically low approval rating that is under 40 percent in the most recent round of polling.