Fans have been waiting to hear the news and "Sister Wives" star Maddie Brown Brush just had her Baby Boy. maddie and Caleb recently got married, and now they just had their first child together. The fans have been waiting to hear this news, and it is finally here. Maddie Brown Brush just had a healthy little boy.

Details of the baby are revealed

The baby was born on May 20, which was Maddie's actual due date. They named him Axel James Brush. He was born at 12:13 a.m. and was 8 lbs., 8 oz. and is 21-inches long. Maddie did have a bit of a tough labor though.

She actually was in labor for 72 hours and 12 hours of that was hard labor for the "Sister Wives" star. She pushed for four hours before giving birth to her little boy. On the show, viewers have seen Robin do home births, but it is unknown if that is what Maddie decided to do or not.

The couple explained that they are excited, but exhausted after having their little boy. They have been very excited about having their little boy. Maddie and Caleb seem very excited about the new baby in their life. Kody and Janelle are now grandparents for the first time and said that it hasn't really sunk in yet. Maddie and Caleb don't live right by the Browns, so they won't all be there with the baby every day.

Did the family get to meet him yet?

It really does sound like Janelle and Kody Brown might be the only ones who got to meet him yet. They want to make sure that Maddie gets her rest, but of course, everyone is excited to see this little baby. She has a ton of siblings plus the baby will have one grandpa and four grandmas to spoil him rotten.

There could be more babies coming soon from other children of the Brown family, but so far, Maddie is the only one to get married and have a child.

As of right now, TLC has not said anything about when "Sister Wives" will be back again. They normally just film seasons and then later share with the fans that it is coming on soon.

Everyone is really hopeful that Maddie Brown Brush giving birth to her son was all filmed for the show. This type of stuff is normally filmed, but with Maddie not living in Las Vegas with the rest of the family they would have to make sure that they had the camera crews there at the right time.

Are you excited to hear that Maddie and Caleb Brush just had their baby? Do you feel like they should be a big part of the show when it returns? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Sister Wives" when it returns to TLC.