This is the time of the year when favorite TV series are either renewed for more seasons or get canceled. This year, one of the fan-favorite and highly rated comedy show has been dropped by its network. ABC's recent cancellation of "Last Man Standing's" seventh season has angered TV viewers.

Playing politics?

Several fans accused ABC network of playing politics after it has announced that the top-rating comedy show, "The Last Man Standing" will not proceed with season seven. According to the recent rant in several social media outlets, the network nixed the TV series because of Tim Allen's right-wing perspectives.

In the TV series, the actor portrays the character of Mike Baxter who is a political conservative and a zealot Christian. The show has a wide reception to viewers in Central America, the same crowd who helped put the Republican Donald Trump in the White House. Several reports suggest that Allen's unreserved support to Trump led the network to end the show after six top rating seasons. The series tails after "Modern Family" as the most watched comedy series this season. In fact, the TV series has 8.1 million viewers to boast.

Twitter party

It was a loud day on Twitter when news about the cancellation of "Last Man Standing" was announced. Several viewers took their sentiments on the social media site.

Among the first viewer to comment about the TV series' cancellation is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. In his tweet to Tim Allen, he expressed his sadness that the network is playing politics with the actor's show despite its high ratings.

There are other viewers who believed that the show was nixed because the character was playing a conservative role in the series.

While some fans are pondering on the reason behind the show's cancellation, others were quick in declaring and encouraging others to boycott the network.

Hollywood is the 1930's Germany

There are other reports claiming that the cancellation of "Last Man Standing" came after Tim Allen made a comment in the US TV show "Jimmy Kimmel Live." While on the show, the outspoken Republican quipped that Hollywood actors are afraid of saying what they want.

He added that at present, people who do not have the same belief as everybody else gets beaten up. He further compared the present situation to the Germany of 1930s. Allen is one of the very few actors who are very vocal about his support to Donald Trump. He attended the US President's inauguration in March 2017.