kirsten storms has been absent from "General Hospital" for nearly four months now. Her last scenes aired in February when she finally married her on-screen love, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey). The writers gave Maxie (Storms' character) an out with a honeymoon and then she took a job across the country to be closer to her daughter and ex-boyfriend, Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). The distance between Maxie and Nathan has affected things and it is unclear when she will return to Port Charles.

Storms needed a hiatus

Back in January, "General Hospital" fans were concerned about Kirsten Storms' appearance.

She was looking gaunt and frail, something that was noted by fans over and over. Storms seemingly disappeared from social media as well. Fans voiced their concerns and with that, it was announced that Kirsten would be taking a break from her role as Maxie Jones on "General Hospital." There were no specifics given, only confirmation that the role would not be recast like it had been in years prior. With that, she was gone and the writers had to adapt a storyline and reason behind Maxie missing from Port Charles while her husband, Nathan was back to his police duties.

Rumors swirled about why Kirsten Storms took a break from "General Hospital." Speculations were she was having a hard time with her divorce from former "General Hospital" co-star, Brandon Barash.

The two were only married for a brief period of time but share a daughter together. There was also a period of time when Storms was extremely ill from battling endometriosis, which caused her to take a Leave Of Absence from the show and she was replaced with Jen Lilley. There were also some fans who questioned whether or not she was using drugs this time around because of the drastic changes in her appearance.

That was not the case, not at all.

Kirsten claps back

After a "fan" of hers tagged in her in a response to a Soap Central article earlier this month, Kirsten Storms clapped back at his response. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, it was revealed that Storms suffers from severe depression. She has had somewhat of a tumultuous life, going back to working in order to support her family.

It was unclear whether or not this was the reason she took the latest leave of absence from "General Hospital" or if it was just a point she was trying to make.

Rumors are that Kirsten Storms will return to "General Hospital" this week have been floating around. Could she make her comeback just in time for the Nurses Ball?