Fastball had a 1998 hit song entitled, “The Way” from their 90s album, “All the Pain Money Can Buy.” Since that time, they toured with other 90s bands and haven’t released a new album until now. Their newest release, “Step Into Light” on the band’s own label, 33 1/3 was released on May 19. The band was originally called Magneto U.S.A. but changed their name to Fastball after signing with Hollywood Records.

Fastball steps into the spotlight again

The new album took a few weeks to produce and was mixed and mastered for over a year. The band put out two albums in the last 10 or 12 years that went unnoticed, so they decided to rebuild their image and overhaul their entire organization by hiring new management, a new booking agent, and a new publishing company.

Fastball’s line-up is Miles Zuniga, (Vocals, Guitar) Tony Scalzo, (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar) and Joey Shuffield (Drums, Percussion).

Blasting News caught up with bassist, Tony Scalzo and asked what the band Fastball is up to these days since their 90s debut. They are currently touring now into June.

“We’re moving forward and I love it!” Fastball’s Tony Scalzo told Blasting News. “The energy feels really good, we’re playing some dates in the U.S. and did some Canadian dates.”

Fastball's new music video: 'I Will Never Let You Down'

The video for the single on the album, “I Will Never Let You Down” was directed by Nigel Dick; the same famous director who was responsible for directing Guns ‘N’ Roses and Oasis music videos.

It was shot at the “Strange Brew” Coffee Shop in Austin, Texas.

“Nigel came up the concept of “speed-dating” in the video,” Scalzo said. I found the location. It’s basically in a room that I knew would be empty that had tables and chairs. ‘Strange Brew’ was a place that I was playing every week. They have meeting rooms and study rooms for students and it was just a perfect spot to do it.” He continued, “We’re excited about it— my wife is in the video; she plays the part of the director of the speed-dating group and Miles’ girlfriend plays one of the girls that I strike out with!

We decided to make the video dramatic rather than a performance video.”

Tony said the music has changed very little since the 90s. The band has been around for a long time and is still going strong. They performed at the South by Southwest Festival in their hometown of Austin 18 times! In 2015, they toured with Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Vertical Horizon and Gin Blossoms for the “Under the Sun” tour.

One of their dates this year will be performing with Everclear at Irving Plaza in New York as part of Everclear’s “So Much For The Afterglow" 20th Anniversary tour.

“With every album, you get to show off a little more diversity musically,” Tony admits. South by Southwest is a place where people would see lots of bands and throw a party!” We’re on one of those 90s reunion tours now featuring Vertical Horizon and Everclear.”

Tony doesn’t miss the 90s music or the decade.

“I’m interested in people who like the music, not people who like the 90s!” Scalzo explained. “I think every song on our new album is a single, and anyone who hears it is going to love it!”

As for the Easter Bunny on their new album cover, Tony had no comment about that.