Despite her two previous pregnancies being difficult, Kim Kardashian announced that she plans on trying for another baby with her husband Kanye West.

In an exciting new promo for the upcoming episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians, Kim said that she is going to try to have one more baby. She added that the doctors didn't think it is safe for her to try and have another kid and go through another pregnancy, but she is determined to try nonetheless. Kris Jenner, mother to 36-year-old Kim, can be heard in the clip urging her daughter to think twice and not put her health in jeopardy.

"I don't want you to do something that puts you in danger," she can be heard saying in the promo.

Her previous pregnancies

Kim had two children so far, and both the pregnancies were difficult. With her first child, daughter North, she suffered from preeclampsia. Also, the birth was difficult as the placenta did not come out after the baby did, which is a condition known as placenta accrete.

During her second childbirth, while delivering her son Saint, Kim had complications again.

Kim saw her doctor, and he told her that she would likely have medical problems if she would decide to go through another pregnancy. Then she went to another fertility specialist with her sister Kourtney, but they also labeled the potential pregnancy as a high-risk one.

After the visits, she was sad to say that she should listen to the doctors and not go into another pregnancy. That's why she started considering surrogacy.

Considering surrogacy?

Since Kim desperately wants to give her kids a new baby brother or sister, and her health could be in jeopardy if she goes through another pregnancy, Kim is seriously considering surrogacy as an option.

One of the potential women that could carry this new addition to the Kardashian/West family is none other than Kim's sister Khloé Kardashian.

But at the suggestion of her sister Kourtney, Kim met with a woman who used a surrogate, who assured Kim she would love all her children equally, even if she decides to have this third baby using a surrogate.