Hey, "Gotham" folks. We have a new sneak peek clip (below) for you. The preview gives fans a glimpse of scenes that will be shown in the big two hour Season 3 finale, episodes 21 and 22.

The scenes aren't mild at all. We're going to see infected Gordon on the attack! There are also glimpses of Bruce still spatting off that crazy talk. Selina looks like she's about to do some damage, and more.

They merely paved the way

The new clip opens with a scene that features a train and Bruce Wayne's voice in the background saying: "The Court Of Owles does not matter. They merely paved the way for the one that is to come." That guy really did a number on Bruce's psyche.

Will he ever snap out of this crazy state he's in? That's a big question for this scene.

Along with hearing his voice in the background, they also show him talking to Alfred. Apparently, that's who he's telling all this crazy stuff to.

Afterwards, Alfred is seen asking him: "Who's Coming?" Bruce replies with: "You'll See." So that's super vague. They obviously picked this scene for the promo because they knew it would absolutely not give anything significant away.

After Bruce says that, we're shown a couple of scenes of people laughing. It's really creepy. From there, we get glimpses of Selina Kyle back in action. Her brief segment looked really cool too. After that, Fish Mooney is spotted with the rest of Penguiin's freak army so it looks like she decided to join him or something.

We'll have to wait and see to be absolutely sure. And even then, it's highly possible that she has a secret agenda up her sleeve.

Gordon attacks

Next, we catch a glimpse of Gordon on that Alice virus. He's seen attacking people so things definitely don't look good for him at this point. I fear that they're probably going to leave that storyline hanging until next season.

The big questions for his storyline are: will they find a cure for him? Or is he doomed to the same fate as the others that got infected. How about that Lee chick? She turned out to be an absolute nut case. Gordon is always hooking up with women that turn out to be nut cases. First, it was Barbara and now Lee. I think Lee has definitely topped anything Barbara has done.

Bruce standing on top of a building

The clip caps off by giving us a series of different and very intense scenes that feature more of Selina in action. Ed and Barbara are spotted in one of them. Gordon is seen kissing somebody. I suspect it's Lee. I couldn't fully make out who it is in this clip.

Finally, we see Bruce standing on top of a building at night to close out the clip. All in all, it definitely looks like we're going to get one hell of a finale episode this Monday night, June 5th. Be sure to check out the new sneak peek below and stay tuned.

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