Kathryn Dennis was under fire last year for allegedly failing to take a drug test and checking into rehab a short time later. However, in new court documents it seems as though the tables may have turned.

As Dennis and Ravenel's Custody Battle over their two kids, three-year-old Kensington and 18-month-old Saint Julien, continues, Radar Online has shared a report, detailing the latest round of accusations. In their May 23 report, Dennis reportedly accuses Ravenel not only of drug use, but also of violent behavior.

As the outlet revealed, Dennis filed documents in Charleston, South Carolina and suggested Ravenel was “abusing alcohol” and “taking narcotics while the children are under his care.” She also claimed Ravenel “has had illegal substances, including mushrooms and cocaine” at his home when the children were present.

Did Thomas Ravenel 'trick' the court?

In her court documents, Kathryn Dennis claimed her former boyfriend shaved his entire body before submitting a hair follicle test in order to avoid being caught. In addition, she claims his behavior is grounds for their custody arrangement to be switched in her favor and has requested full custody of Kensington and Saint Julien. Dennis also wants Ravenel to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Kathryn Dennis claims Thomas Ravenel uses opiates

Dennis said in her court documents that because of Ravenel's alleged use of opiates, which she claimed he mixes with alcohol, he has exhibited erratic and violent behavior on multiple occasions. Although it is unclear what evidence of any such thing Dennis has, if any, Radar Online revealed that Ravenel has had a few drug-related run-ins with the law in recent years.

In 2007, Ravenel was reportedly caught with cocaine during his time serving as the State Treasurer of South Carolina. Following the ordeal, Ravenel checked into a treatment center and remained there for two months before being sentenced to serve 10 months behind bars. Six years later, Ravenel was arrested for DWI in East Hampton, New York and faced to pay $1,400 in fees.

Kathryn Dennis went to rehab last year

After splitting from Ravenel several months prior, Dennis checked into a rehab facility in Los Angeles and remained on the west coast for several weeks. Since then, as Radar Online revealed, the mother of two has refused to share her rehab records in court.

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