Warner Bros. director #Zack Snyder who's been known for his blockbuster superhero films including "Batman V Superman" and "Man of Steel", has officially come up with a very difficult decision to step down from directing his upcoming movie #Justice League following his daughter's death in March.

The anticipated superhero movie will be initially released this coming November and while a lot of DC fans are now on the lookout, many were also saddened about Snyder's decision to leave "Justice League" and give up work for the time-being.

Snyder's #daughter committed suicide back in March and now the 51-year old film-maker has issued an official statement about his decision to stay away from the limelight and focus more on his kids.

Moreover, his wife Deborah Snyder, who happens to be the producer of the movie, is also taking a step back from "Justice League" to give herself an ample time to heal and move on from her daughter's death.

"I've decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me." said Snyder.

With this, the "Avengers" director Joss Whedon has been tasked to take over and complete the rest of the "Justice League" film before its release. While Snyder has yet to reveal a few details about its completion, many are now left curious on how the movie will pull off under its new director.

Setting aside the downside, reports claimed that the movie's slated release for November 17 will remain as is.

From the looks of it, given the confidence and trust he has put in Whedon, Snyder seems to be leaving "Justice League" with much confidence about the movie's success.

Everything we know about Justice League

A bunch of theories and spoilers have since been making rounds on the headlines shortly after the movie's release was confirmed.

Speaking of, the latest promo image for #Justice League was released last month and apparently flaunted everyone's favorite, Superman (Henry Cavill), who was missing during the second movie trailer.

Superman, who met his unfortunate demise in the #Batman V Superman, has left many with a hanging question on how his character will be re-born in the new movie.

Rumor has it this well-loved character may possibly come into view on a different shape, as earlier predictions claimed, he might appear as the movie's the unexpected villain.

However, the speculations were quick to change in the latter after the poster image and now Ciara Hinds's Steppenwolf has taken the consideration to become one powerful villain who goes after Darkseid and his army Parademons.