When you think of the name Josh Murray, you may think of the book that Andi Dorfman wrote about him after her “Bachelorette” experience or perhaps think of him, chowing down pizza on the beach in Mexico. Either way, Josh didn't have the best reputation after Andi's book was released because she accused him of verbal abuse.

Andi opened up about how he would judge her and call her names after she did things that he didn't appreciate. It's no secret that she's not exactly a conservative type of person, but it sounds like Murray is. He has called the book fiction and has called out Andi for her comments.

When Josh Murray decided to go on “Bachelor in Paradise” last year, many fans were glued to the television to see whether this would be the place where he could redeem himself. Was he really the abusive guy that Andi Dorfman made him out to be in her book? Or was he really a sweet guy who Andi had lied about?

Josh Murray no longer counting in religion?

When he met Amanda Stanton on the show, fans really wanted a happy ending for both of them, especially for Amanda as she has two small girls. But it sounds like it didn't take long for things to sour between them.

Josh Murray recently revealed on social media that he's been questioning his faith lately when a fan asked him how faith had played a role in this life over the past couple months.

He revealed that he had lost it. On top of the failed relationship with Amanda, he also struggled with his dog Sabel, who was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo surgery.

Was he verbally abusive to Stanton as well?

While he hasn't been completely honest about what went wrong with Amanda, Josh Murray has revealed that he has no desire to get back with her.

When US Weekly shared a post about him saying that he desperately wanted his ex-fiancé, Amanda, back, he tweeted that it was actually quite the opposite, calling the outlet for fake news.

It sounds like things have actually been very bad between them and she may have learned that the verbal abuse allegations against him are indeed true.

While friends of Amanda have said that he is the person that Andi portrayed in her book, Josh's family is standing by him. One can imagine that they don't want him to be labeled an abuser.

What do you think of Josh Murray questioning his faith after having gone through two bad relationships? Do you think Andi's comments about him were true and are you surprised that Amanda hasn't said anything about him publicly?