The news came out yesterday that Joseph Duggar proposed to Kendra Caldwell. The two have been courting for a bit. Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth yesterday, and Joseph also proposed on the same day at the big event. In a new interview, they said, "We are super excited. It's great not to be courting anymore; now we're engaged!"

What happened at Joy-Anna Duggar's wedding?

Joseph popped the question, but he said he wasn't concerned at all that Kendra was going to say "no" to him. She had already told him that she was just waiting on him to ask.

Of course, doing the proposal this way it was in front of the entire family and the TLC cameras were already there and rolling. This had to make for a great event, but some people feel like it might have taken away from his sister's big day.

What are the fans saying about Joseph Duggar's proposal?

As soon as the Duggars shared about the proposal, fans started to get upset about the news. They were commenting about how it was rude and that he shouldn't have done it on her special day. One person said, "They could have literally done it any other day, even any other hour of the day. They will stop at nothing to stay relevant. Gross." A lot of people seemed to agree with the way that this fan felt and think it was tacky to do it this way.

The thing is Joseph said that he got permission from Joy-Anna Duggar to pop the question at her big wedding. It does sound like she was totally okay with his decision and supported it. The fans shouldn't care so much if his sister was fine with it, but that isn't stopping them from voicing their opinions. Some people feel like Joy-Anna might have just said that he could do it on her big day to be nice.

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She could have really wanted her big day to be just for her, but if that is the case then it didn't happen that way.

This should all end up being seen on "Counting On." When the fans get to hear Joy-Anna talk about being okay with it, then they might end up changing their mind. It is unknown how soon this will all air because viewers haven't even had a chance to see Joseph and Kendra together on the show yet really.

Are you shocked to hear that Joseph Duggar is being slammed for proposing yesterday? What do you think about him doing it at his sister's wedding? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they start airing on TLC on June 12. The fans have been asking for a while now how soon it will start airing again.