The drama continues with "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star Scott Disick, as he continues to be spotted with different women in Cannes. Following his brief fling with 19-year old actress Bella Thorne, the 34-year old reality TV star has been hanging out with his ex, Chloe Bartoli, and most recently, Ella Ross, and U.K. blogger Maggie Petrova. Petrova was quick to squash any rumors that she's romantically involved with Disick, however, as PEOPLE reported that according to her, she and Disick are just friends who were staying at a friend's villa together, and that "there is nothing going on." Meanwhile, Disick's baby mama Kourtney Kardashian thinks that Disick's attention-seeking antics are just "pathetic," according to a source from E!


Kourtney Kardashian is more concerned about what her children will think

According to a source, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star Kourtney Kardashian is currently "focused on her life and doesn't care what Scott does." After she told him that they will never get back together, it seems that he is trying to move on by hanging out with different women. What she is upset about is her kids, and she wishes Scott would keep them in mind. One day they are going to be old enough to read about this stuff and understand what is going on.

Bella Thorne has moved on from Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian isn't the only lady who's over Scott Disick. Bella Thorne, who was romantically linked to Disick after the pair spent a week in Cannes, seems to have turned over a new leaf.

She took to Twitter to reference her Cannes rendezvous with the reality TV star, writing that the "Cannes life isn't for me" and that she and Disick were not doing anything. She added that she's not talking to Disick or any other man. According to ET, the actress also took to Instagram to share just how glad she is to be back in Los Angeles.

She posted a photo of herself with her sister, Dani, and wrote, "Couldn't be happier to be back home with my other half."

Who is Scott Disick's new girlfriend?

Multiple media outlets are reporting that while Kourtney Kardashian has made her way back to Los Angeles, Scott Disick was left behind in Cannes and was spotted cozying up to yet another brunette woman, whose identity hasn't been disclosed just yet.

He was photographed kissing her, so it may be an indication that he has found someone new to date. Kardashian isn't fazed by any of this, however, as she believes that his foolishness is just "pathetic." "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" returns to E! this Sunday.