Joseph Duggar is the first of the Duggar boys to start courting in a while. Now there is speculation that he could already be Engaged or about to pop the question. Joseph announced that he is courting Kendra Caldwell, but the fans haven't got the chance to know her very well yet. She will be on the new season of "Counting On" though. This is going to give the fans a chance to get to know her better and see how they act together.

What is making fans think Joseph could be engaged?

First off, the Duggars never court for long and end up getting engaged pretty fast if things are working out.

Joseph is the first of the boys to be in a courtship for a while. This week a picture of Joseph and Kendra along with his sister, Joy-Anna and her fiance, Austin Forsyth, was posted on the Duggar’s official Facebook page. They looked great together and really happy. It was obvious that Kendra and Joseph are still together and doing well.

The fans are going crazy in the comments talking about how Joseph and Kendra could be engaged already. They have been courting for a few months. If they are engaged, then he will probably wait to tell the fans until the new season of "Counting On." As of right now, Kendra hasn't been spotted with a ring.

Could Joseph Duggar be the next to get married?

Joy-Anna Duggar will probably be the next one to get married.

She is already engaged to Austin, and things are going great. Wedding planning is in full force. It would be surprising if her wedding isn't the next one. She has been really good friends with Austin for a while now so it isn't like they just got to know each other. They seem like a great match and don't seem to have any reason to wait to get married.

There is also speculation that Jana Duggar could be courting someone as well. If so, it is in the very early stages, and she isn't actually telling anyone yet. That would mean that she probably isn't going to beat her brother or sister to the altar. She is allegedly dating a family friend that they have been close to for a while.

Jana hasn't confirmed the news yet, but the fans are hoping that she finally found her person.

Do you think that Joseph Duggar is already engaged to Kendra Caldwell? Do you feel like these are a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it starts airing on TLC on June 12. This new season will focus on courtships, babies and weddings. There are also rumors that Josh Duggar could make his return to television.