Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard arrived back home in Arkansas last week. They had been in Central America doing mission work since February. It is where their heart is and when they returned last fall for Jinger Duggar's wedding, they knew they would be headed back there soon. Now that the couple is home, fans are already questioning whether or not they plan to return or if they will stay in the United States for a while after their second child is born in July.

Jill's homecoming

With Jill Duggar's arrival back home, some big speculation came along with it.

It was rumored that her sister Joy-Anna was going to get married over the weekend but so far, no confirmation has been given that is what happened. Jill had to return home soon because she is due to give birth to her second son in July. A more official date has not been given, but fans are anxiously awaiting the reveal of the name chosen for the baby. She shared a photo yesterday morning of her and Derick going to church and mentioned they left Israel with her mom Michelle Duggar. The two finally got a little alone time, even if it was just to attend church together.

There is much relief now that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are back home. They recently blogged about a friend of theirs being murdered in Central America which caused alarm from fans.

They immediately began pleading for her to return home, especially because she was already in a delicate state being pregnant, and could have been an easy target. All of that worry has turned into joy and now, the anticipation for baby Dillard number two is taking over.

Lawsuit tweet from Jill Duggar blows up in her face

Along with her return to the United States, Jill Duggar and her sisters filed a lawsuit against the city of Springdale and In Touch Weekly over the Josh Duggar scandal from 2015.

Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy Duggar filed the suit because their names were leaked as the victims from the police report. Their identities as minors should have been concealed according to what they believe and when Jill responded to a tweet about it, she got plenty of harsh words on social media. Many believe the Duggar sisters should have sued their father and brother as well, though that isn't making much sense.

The timeline for their lawsuit is a bit odd, almost exactly two years later, but other than that, their concerns seem valid. Whether or not they will win is another story and if the city of Springdale has anything to say about it, they won't.

As Jill Duggar gets settled into her home and gets ready to deliver her second child, her future plans probably aren't pressing on her mind. If she does decide to go back to Central America, it likely won't happen until the fall or winter, if not longer.