"Uncharted" has been searching for a star to help transition the franchise from video games to film. On Monday, the producers of the Movie made their move. After almost a decade of development, an "Uncharted" movie may finally be upon the masses. The newest star attached to the project is a name some people may be familiar, but others will know by the end of the summer: Tom Holland.

Meet the new 'Uncharted' star

The news about Holland being cast in the role of Nathan Drake was reported by Deadline on Monday morning. The report also came with news about a change of direction for the movie.

The story is now being rewritten to serve as a prequel for the events that take place in the video games. There is still no indication as to when the "Uncharted" film will come, but with a new script and new star, it's safe to say that it still may be a ways away from being released.

Holland was a stage actor before starring in "The Impossible." Since then, he has been cast as Marvel's first attempt at Spider-Man, making his debut during "Captain America: Civil War." His first standalone film in the new franchise will be coming out this summer, which will surely make him a star, if not at least a familiar face to moviegoers. He has humor and charm and could be the perfect actor to play Nathan Drake in an "Uncharted" movie, should it ever see the light of day.

Developmental delays for 'Uncharted'

It was confirmed in June 2009 that the film had been in development for over a year and a half, meaning the ten-year anniversary of development is set to occur by the end of the year. David O. Russell ("The Fighter") was initially set to write and direct and Mark Wahlberg expressed interest in starring as Nathan Drake.

By mid-2011, however, Russell had left the "Uncharted" movie project.

His replacement, Neil Burger, also wound up dropping out. Wahlberg ended up not doing the film and an offer extended to Chris Pratt was rejected. As of now, Shawn Levy is the latest to step into the director's chair - time may be running out for him to back out, though.

Filming for "Uncharted" is expected to begin some time this year, though there is some confusion as to whether there is a completed script or no script at all, which would obviously change the timeline for production. Fans of the video game are getting impatient, but serious talk about a movie is good news for a project that has been in developmental since the video game's original release.