The "Bloodline" season 3 started its final season with episodes about the Rayburn family. Basically, Megs, who is the only daughter of the Rayburn, revealed how hurt she was after her brother murdered her ex-boyfriend, Marco. Spoilers reveal that she will move away and has to break away from her family. Meanwhile, John Rayburn will be hiding away from Florida. He'll ignore calls from his mother and siblings. As the story continues, Roy Gilbert plays an important role with the Rayburn. His plans are about to be revealed.

Marco's death prompts Megs to move away

In the early episodes of "Bloodline" season 2, Megs was seen starting her new life in New York City even though she has been sucked over family issues.

She was also seen in one of the episodes as she told her former boyfriend, Marco, that she will be leaving but has always plans of coming back.

However, the fate didn't turn out well for Marco. He was brutally murdered by Meg's brother. With what happened, Megs decided to move away and to change her entire identity. Spoilers reveal that John will find Meg's location in the upcoming episode. However, Megs is now with Amy and she has been telling her friends that her parents died in an accident and John is only her childhood friend.

Apparently, Megs is doing a significant break from the issues she has been facing with her life. She still decides not to go home even though John will try to convince her that it will help her with the on-going trial.

In addition, Marco's death has been a catalyst for Megs to change, and for her to fight for her own survival faster.

Roy Gilbert's plan

As the episode for "Bloodline" continues, it will feature how Kevin survived the gunshot of Gilbert's clean up guy. Nonetheless, he will still face a lot of mess after killing Marco. He will try to sell the story that Eric is the real killer of Marco.

Moreover, spoilers reveal that some favors might work on him since Eric's DNA is found at Marco's house.

Further, he will be somewhere in Miami to meet up with Ozzy. Kevin has a grand plan to take down the Rayburn family. Meanwhile, everyone starts to suspects about the Rayburn family with Marco's death. Aguirre starts with a suspicion and he will ask John about Eric's whereabouts.

John, on the other hand, already knew how fast things will be revealed.

On the good note, the episode will further show how involved Roy Gilbert is to the Rayburn. He has been with the family as he helps Kevin from the murder sentence. He has also helped in Megs’ legal work, and he invested on John to become a sheriff. He is a bad man but has a lot of love to the Rayburn family.

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