During the election, there were a lot of people who speculated that Hillary Clinton would have had a better chance of becoming POTUS if she had been a man. A recent sociological experiment, however, has concluded that not to be true. Statistically, Clinton would have done even worse if she had been a man. The question is – what would gender swapping have done for Donald Trump? Would being a woman make his Approval Ratings better or worse?

Trump would be better off as a woman

The same sociological experiment which determined being a man wouldn’t have helped Hillary get elected President, determined that gender swapping would have worked to Donald Trump’s benefit.

Statistically, his approval rating would likely be higher than it is now if he were a woman instead of a man.

Gender swapping recreation of their debate

On YouTube, a video clip was posted of a recreation of a debate between Trump and Clinton with their genders swapped for the purpose of conducting an experiment and providing a point. Some media outlets have noted watching the debate with the genders swapped is “fascinating.”

Media outlets and editorial journalists who’ve had a chance to watch this video clip have commented on how much more sympathetic the female Trump seemed to be than the male Clinton. In fact, a lot of people were shocked when the things they found so admiring about Hillary Clinton were not admiring coming from the mouth of a man.

Does the gender of a politician really have that much power over what they say?

A journalist from The Guardian points out that the male Clinton came off as a “sleazy politician” and someone who was trying to make “grand promises” they likely wouldn’t be able to keep. Clinton’s constant smiling also felt forced as men don’t fake smiles as often as women do.

On the other side of the gender swap, hearing some of what Donald Trump had to say during his debate from the mouth of a woman made it easier to focus on what was being said instead of how it was being said. People were actually listening to what the female Donald Trump had to say.

What does this mean?

Perhaps we live in a world where society truly doesn’t understand the impact a certain gender can have on a certain situation.

This is especially true when it comes to politics. The United States has never had a female President. For this reason, one would assume the approval ratings of Trump would have gone down if he was a female. It, however, appears as if most would have preferred a female Donald Trump.