Reality TV diva Mama June wants a new gig after the success of her show "From Not to Hot." Shannon feels her weight loss and plastic surgery makeover deserve a little more airtime, but daughter "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson isn't so sure. Is overweight Alana afraid that Mama June will make her diet too? Is she tired of sharing the limelight with her "hot" mama? Or is something making the child beauty queen beg off reality television?

Mama June rubs makeover in folks' faces?

Reality TV fans cooled on "From Not to Hot" June Shannon long before she done bragging about it.

Shannon proclaimed to lose 300 pounds after gastric bypass surgery, diet, exercise and skin removal plastic surgery. She boasted a boob job upgrade with DD breast implant, plus tummy tuck, chin sculpting, and other work. The former "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star says thanks to bariatric surgery, she now weight 137 pounds and wears a size 4 she says, but fans aren't seeing it and are telling June so. Is HBB embarrassed by the body-shaming and her attention-loving mother?

Mama June channels Pam Anderson in "Baywatch" suit?

June posed in a "Baywatch" bathing suit and said she looked like Pamela Anderson. That did provoke social media comment, but it was mostly negative. Few deny that the "Toddlers & Tiaras" star is smaller but not quite as small as she makes out.

Critics noticed her fat arms and legs and still-chubby face. Almost no one buys the size 4. They question her "additional" weight loss after "From Not to Hot" as a ploy to keep in the public eye and maybe curry another reality television show. Honey Boo Boo may feel, as many Youtube commenters have suggested, that June should wait for others rave up her makeover.

HBB passes on weight loss

What really provokes reality television fans is Alana Thompson's growing obesity as Mama June gets thinner. Hollywood Life reports that June Shannon would like to star in another reality show to carry on her new weight loss message. Do her dubious weight claims nullify any diet tips she might give? Before dispensing advice, folks feel she should look to her daughters' obesity.

But Honey Boo Boo is having none of it. "From Not to Hot" showed Alana joining her father Sugar Bear Mike Thompson in body-shaming her mother. The 11-year-old gladly let her morbidly obese stepmom Jennifer Lamb stuff her full of sweets despite Shannon's disapproval.

Alana sees something others miss in Mama June?

As a pubescent tween with a raging sweet tooth, Alana is probably turned off by the idea of dieting. But could it be that Honey Boo Boo has also gone cold on hot new Mama June? She could be jealous that her parent looks so good but she may also be embarrassed. "From Not to Hot" showed Shannon in some pretty awkward situations. Her daughters had to talk her down from a size F breast implant.

Then HBB was weirded-out when Mama June and her boob job were chased by a lusty stalker. June doesn't seem to get that she's still the butt of many jokes, weight loss not withstanding. Is her child star trying to protect the filter-less pageant mom from humiliating herself?