Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump have been making headlines for a while now as the two seem to continue to feud about one thing after another. Schwarzenegger has recently speculated the real reason Trump keeps firing back at him is because Donald may just have a crush on him. Could there be love in the air between the POTUS and the Terminator? Is Trump obsessing with the actor because he actually has a secret crush on him?

Arnold recently appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Michael Smerconish Program” to talk about the recent tweet Trump made regarding Schwarzenegger’s decision not to return to “The New Celebrity Apprentice” as a host again.

In the tweet, the POTUS referred to the Terminator as “pathetic.” When asked what he thought of Donald’s need to continue to obsess with him – Arnold speculated it was because the POTUS was actually “in love” with him.

Arnold doesn’t want Trump’s baggage

It was last week that the actor revealed he would be exiting “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” As those who had been following Schwarzenegger and Trump know, it was no secret the Reality Television Show was struggling with ratings. Naturally, the POTUS wasn’t shy about calling Arnold out for it and blaming him for the low ratings. Were the ratings low when Trump was still the host?

In the official statement, when Schwarzenegger made his decision to leave, he revealed that he loved working with Mark Burnett and NBC.

He went on to reveal that he would be happy to work with Mark and the network again on a different show. He, however, would prefer to be part of a show that didn’t come with a ridiculous amount of baggage. That baggage being the current POTUS.

Trump says Schwarzenegger was fired

In response to referring to Trump as baggage, Donald Trump took to Twitter to reveal that Arnold didn’t quit as the host of the reality television show.

Trump claimed the actor was fired due to his poor performance. Trump went on to talk about how sad it was that such a great show was likely coming to an end.

This isn’t the first Donald and Arnold Feud

As most will recall, Donald and Arnold have gone at it before. Last month, Trump decided to take a jab at Arnold during his speech while at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Schwarzenegger quickly fired back at Donald suggesting that the two could trade jobs if he was so concerned about ratings. Trump could go back to being the host of the reality show, and Arnold could take over as POTUS. Arnold claimed that if he were President instead of Donald people would finally be able to sleep at night.