Vanessa Nelson and David Norton are both getting another chance to find love on "Married at First Sight: Second Chances." They brought in a large group of men and women to get to know and see if they can find someone after their marriage at first sight didn't work out. They both married other people on the show and the relationships didn't last. Now, there is speculation that Vanessa might have found love!

Vanessa Nelson was spotted out with a ring on that finger

On Sunday, Vanessa Nelson was seen out and about in Atlanta. She had on a baseball cap and was dressed comfortable, but one thing everyone noticed was a huge rock on her left-hand ring finger.

There is no reason she would have a rock this size on her hand if she isn't engaged, but Vanessa isn't saying a word yet. The show’s production company Kinetic Content declined to comment. She didn't seem to take it off when people started to notice it either.

What was Vanessa out doing?

If Vanessa Nelson is engaged, then she was smart enough not to have the man out on the town with her. Instead, she was out with her mom and sister at Mexican restaurant La Parilla. Someone who saw her there said it looked like she was having a good time. The source went on to say, "She took photos with some fans who recognized her, but you could tell she was trying to be incognito. She was sitting at the table with a hat and sunglasses on through most of her meal." It sounds like Vanessa might have thought she wouldn't be recognized, but that wasn't the case at all.

She was spotted and pictures were taken of her with the ring on.

Just last week, Vanessa Nelson sent home several guys and was down to just ten guys on "Married at First Sight: Second Chances." That means that if she found love on the show, it was probably with one of these ten guys. Now that Vanessa and David Norton are down to fewer people it will be easier to start figuring out who she is a good match with and if she might find love on the show.

No rumors are out yet about David, but he wouldn't be the one wearing an engagement ring either. Hopefully, Vanessa and David both found someone this time around.

Do you think that Vanessa Nelson is engaged? Do you feel like she found someone on "Married at First Sight: Second Chances"? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss the new episodes on Thursday nights on Lifetime. It is going to be a few weeks before fans can really tell if Vanessa is connecting to one of the guys enough to possibly end up engaged at the end of the season.