Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship may be over, but the events leading up to their sudden separation are not clear. Something occurred on that last family plane ride that forced Jolie to leave Brad and file for divorce. According to the recent issue of Us Weekly, ever since Angelina filed divorce papers, people have been wondering what led to their split. The 41-year-old star decided her marriage could not be saved and had to protect the kids from Pitt's alleged aggressive and possibly dangerous behavior. Sources close to both Jolie and Pitt have come forward to give proof of what led to their split and how the family is doing six months after their separation.

While most people assume that it was the plane incident that led to her decision to leave her husband, a source claimed that she decided to leave months before that night.

Husband and father was out of control

During the airplane ride, the family was coming back home from France. It was a 12-hour flight and Brad was allegedly drinking heavily. Apparently, he got drunk often and even "occasionally" smoked marijuana, according to the source. Angelia was frustrated with Brad's condition and urged him to "sober up" before they landed. Pitt refused to listen to her advice, and they began to bicker about it. The source explained that they went back and forth for a while before their 15-year-old son tried to intervene -- that's when it got crazy between them.

Brad wasn't going to allow her to leave with his children.

The source claimed that Pitt said that she could go without him, but the kids were going with him. At this point, Angelina wanted to go to the police, but at the same time, she knew it would result in a massive scandal (and investigation) and that was not her intention. Jolie tried to calm her husband down by making him believe that he was going to get his way.

Meanwhile, she managed to convey her hotel plan to Maddox via text message.

When they finally were cleared to leave the plane, tension increased between them. Brad stepped off the aircraft and started to scream and yell. Angelina arranged to have two cars waiting for them, which was her plan to break away from him. She advised the kids to run into one of the cars and lock the door.

Apparently, the night ended when Angelina took the kids with her and Brad went in another vehicle to an undisclosed location.

The relationship hit rock bottom

The source revealed that despite Jolie's efforts, someone reported the incident to the police. The FBI showed up at 7 a.m. the next morning with questions about the incident on the plane. A few weeks later, Pitt was cleared of all child abuse charges. Inside information also revealed that one of her friends told her to start a fight with Brad that would lead to an explosive argument/fight and could give her leverage over him in court, giving her a clean break.

After several months, things are much better between them.

Pitt agreed that he had a drinking problem and entered treatment. Last week, Radar Online reported that Brad was attending AA meetings to help him overcome alcohol addiction. Slowly, Brad And Angelina put aside their differences and are now co-parenting the children together. As to whether or not they will ever get back together, the source claimed that it would never happen.