This week on "General Hospital," exciting things are bound to happen. Spoilers reveal that the most-awaited Nurses Ball will finally commence. However, amidst the most exciting event, a certain danger might hit the glamorous and dazzling nurses of the occasion. Meanwhile, as the ball kicks off, Jake will be doing his magic tricks and this will shake things up in the Port Charles. Basically, the guests will not have any idea on what the ball has in store for them.

Nurses ball is set to feature dazzling performances

As per "General Hospital" spoilers, it reveals that The Nurses ball will finally begin.

During the event, there will be enchanting performances from different singers. David Bowie, George Michael, and Billy Joel are expected to render a song. On the other hand, a duet performance is also expected from Eddie Maine together with his bride-to-be.

Further, as the celebration continues, Valentin will take the chance of winning Nina back through his romantic gestures. Amidst the fun and exciting, not everything on the Nurses Ball will go as it has been planned. The chimera project which will be activated by Jake will finally bear its destruction.

Meanwhile, spoilers also tease that Carly will catch Sonny and Martina in one bed. Carly will be seen calling out his estranged husband about what he has done.

Further, Carly will focus her attention on her enemy while Sonny focuses her attention to Carly.

Jason to get some big news from Griffin

While everyone is enjoying the Nurses Ball, spoilers reveal that Jason will hear big news from Griffin. He will finally discover that Alex has been posing as Anna. Further, Jason and Griffin will also work together in order to figure out what has been the reason behind the twin switch.

However, it looks as if it will be a little late before they will finally solve this puzzle.

Meanwhile, spoilers reveal that Ava will have to test her luck. Scott will warn Ava on her plans and that she has to back off from her latest plot. Scott will also remind her that since she has been hiding a big secret, then it wouldn't be ideal for her to play another fire.

As the story continues, there is a huge chance for Ava to be caught with her long-kept secret.

Meanwhile, a romantic gesture is also expected to be seen this week. Valentin will try to do all that he can in order to please Nina again. Apparently, he has been sorry for the pain he caused Nina and for making her feel that she wasn't the only one in his heart. Hence, it is good to look forward whether or not Nina will finally soften her heart.