There may be a new "General Hospital" baby on the way soon. No, Sonny Corinthos has not gotten anyone pregnant...yet. The unexpected baby news comes from a fairly new couple who has become a fan-favorite over the past few months. Dr. Hamilton Finn and Hayden Barnes are back together after Finn has been trying his best to get clean so he can make it work with Hayden. But are they ready to be parents right now?

A surprise pregnancy

This baby news definitely came as a shock to both of them and they are letting it all sink in. Last week on "General Hospital," Griffin announced the unexpected surprise.

Hayden had no idea that she was pregnant. The urine test was supposed to be Finn's drug test, but they switched her urine with Finn's in order to catch someone that is expected to be tampering with Finn's drug test results.

That person is Brad and he is out to make Finn pay. That means he is making it look like Finn is still taking drugs so that he can be fired from his job. Hayden became suspicious of Brad, which is why this plan was put in motion. This test revealed that it had been tampered with, but that was not all that was revealed. Hayden's urine contained hCG, which indicates that she is pregnant.

Will a new baby be a part of Finn and Hayden's future?

This should be a happy occasion for the couple, but Hayden told Finn that she didn't think she was ready to be a parent yet.

Finn looked more receptive to the idea of being a father, but he did tell her that he will support whatever decision she makes concerning their child. Will there be another abortion story line on "General Hospital"?

Lulu Spencer had an abortion in 2006 after she became pregnant with Dillon Quartermaine's baby. It was quite an emotional story line back then.

The soap could go down this route again, but Hayden could very well choose to have this baby.

Could the test be wrong?

There is always the possibility that something could be wrong with the test as well.

Who knows? Maybe Brad caught wind that they were onto him and arranged for it to look like there is a pregnancy in their future. Stranger things have happened before.

"General Hospital" spoilers say that Hayden will lay a trap, and it looks like it will be set up to catch Brad red-handed. Be sure to watch the ABC daytime drama this week to see if he will get caught tampering with Finn's drug test. Do you think that Hayden is really pregnant? If she is, will she decide to have the baby?

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