"General Hospital" spoilers and updates for the week will surprise its viewers with lots of revelations. Sam and Liz will have a heart to heart talk since both are worried about the danger that is looming to happen. Sam will worry about Jason's safety, and at the same time, she'll be concerned with Jake's past. On the other hand, Liz will talk with Sam about the danger that is surrounding Jake. The best place to find all the answers will be on the Cassadine Island.

Franco will follow Jason

"General Hospital" spoilers for the week will reveal how worried Sam about Jason's safety.

Elsewhere, Jason will be heading to the Cassadine Island. Liz, on the other hand, will fret since Franco will not appear on their date night. Liz will be scared since something could happen to Franco. She is not aware that Franco will follow Jason on the Cassadine island.

Meanwhile, Jason and Daphne will have a major chat. Jason will try to reach out to her with the hope that Daphne could give him the answers he needs. As the episode continues, Jason will start to make some realizations that will start to change everything on the scene.

Further, Daphne will also tell Jason some valuable information on what has been puzzling his mind. Jason has an epiphany. Daphne's revelation will help him solve the mystery, and definitely, it will change everything.

Jake's past will be revealed?

Sam will be worried about Jake's past. Some information will be revealed about his identity. Further, "General Hospital" spoilers will also feature Liz as she tries to reassure Sam that if ever something bad happens to Jake because of Helena, she will immediately inform Sam about it. Spoilers reveal that the most relevant answers will be found on the Cassadine Island.

Carly will deal on divorce settlement

Carly is already fixed in divorcing Sonny. Spoilers also reveal that Carly, together with her lawyer Martina, will make the best strategies in their divorce case. Both will also start making their conversations personal. On the other hand, no one knows that Martina already slept with Sonny.

Sonny will try to make sure that he gets the best deal over his divorce settlement with Carly.

Further, "GH" spoilers also reveal that somehow Carly starts to become soft to Sonny. Martina will start to wonder whether she'll still want to divorce Sonny or she'll just be defending him. Certainly, this is a stubborn revelation this week.